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Preprocessing: How Real Movie Magic is Made
May 5, 2008
In this excerpt from Real World Video Compression, author Andy Beach shares industrial-strength preprocessing techniques that will make your video look professional no matter what device you're watching it on.
How to Embed a QuickTime Movie in a Web Page or Blog Post
Feb 22, 2008
So you've decided to join the video revolution in Web publishing. But instead of dealing with YouTube, you want to publish higher-quality content directly on your blog. Maria Langer shows you how.
Creating Interactive Movies with QuickTime Pro
Jun 8, 2007
QuickTime container files can hold much more than just audio and video. In fact, you can add entire layers of interactivity to your media. Wiring your movies transforms the audience's experience from merely watching the movie play to playing with the movie while watching it. In this sample chapter, you'll learn how to create autoloading Web pages, clickable Web links, chapter tracks, custom skins, and slideshows to make your QuickTime movies truly hands-on experiences.
Creating Interactive Movies
Apr 30, 2007
Working with QuickTime Tracks
Mar 14, 2003
Spice up your QuickTime movies and learn how you can decompose a movie into its component media tracks, combine tracks to make a new movie, delete tracks, hide tracks, and scale individual tracks to a specific duration.
QuickTime Movies and File Handling
Nov 1, 2002
In this sample chapter you'll see how Mac OS X programs can open and play a QuickTime movie.