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Microformats Made Simple: XFN
Nov 17, 2009
Emily P. Lewis focuses on using the rel attribute for links in order to define social relationships, starting with an explanation of XFN.
Do Websites Need to Look Exactly the Same in Every Browser?
Sep 9, 2009
Do websites need to look exactly the same in every browser? Let’s find out.
Fundamentals of CSS for Web Designers: Creating Meaning through Syntax
Jul 23, 2009
To describe your Web designs, you need to understand the syntax of CSS. Jason Cranford Teague shows that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be speaking in CSS in no time.
Styling Web Pages with CSS: Working with Images
Mar 18, 2009
In this chapter from their book, Tom Negrino and Dori Smith show you how to prepare images for the Web and use CSS to position images on your Web pages.
Flexible Web Design: Types of Web-page Layouts
Feb 17, 2009
Web-page layouts can be grouped into three categories based on how their width is set: fixed-width, liquid (or fluid), and elastic. Zoe Mickley Gillenwater discusses the characteristics of each type of layout.
Flexible Web Design: Dynamically Changing Images’ Screen Area
Feb 16, 2009
There are lots of ways you can dynamically change the screen area that an image takes up. Zoe Mickley Gillenwater explains how.
Using the Liquid CSS Layouts in Dreamweaver CS4
Feb 5, 2009
Liquid layouts, based on a percentage of the size of the browser's window (or viewport), are one way to create flexible sites that work for a variety of users. In this chapter, learn the pros and cons of creating a liquid layout.
Practical Advice for Developing Web Software Applications
Feb 29, 2008
Need help updating an outdated site? Learn how to identify web apps that are stuck in the past and prepare them for the future with advice from several of New Riders' Voices That Matter.
Make Your Site BulletProof With Floats
Oct 5, 2007
Dan Cederholm helps you choose the best markup for the job to ensure your site's content is displayed properly across the widest range of browsers and devices.
Remote Mac Management on a Budget: Low-Cost Alternatives to Apple Remote Desktop
Mar 9, 2007
Observing and controlling computers remotely is a great tool for systems administrators, help desk staff, teachers, and even home users. Apple Remote Desktop gives you that power and more, but if you only want the most basic remote observation and control features, there are low-cost and free options for Mac OS X. Ryan Faas gives you the best alternatives.
Master Mac OS X Users and Groups by Making Your Mac Think It's a Server
Mar 2, 2007
One of the challenges of creating a small Mac network (or even sharing files among multiple users on a single Mac) is that Mac OS X doesn't allow you to create groups of users or share folders (among local users or over a network) other than preset Shared and Public folders. But, as Ryan Faas illustrates, when you have the right tools, you can get Mac OS X to support groups, permissions, additional shared folders, and even managed user preferences.
Stylin' Fonts and Text in CSS
Nov 3, 2006
Much of Web design is dealing with type—in paragraphs, headlines, lists, menus, and forms. As a result, the properties in this chapter are essential to making the difference between a site that looks thrown together and one that looks like it has the professional touch.
How to Style An Events Calendar in CSS
Sep 15, 2006
Events calendars on the Web are surprisingly useful. A personal site might use one to indicate when a Web log was updated or to show important dates in history. Even more interesting, an organization or community could use a calendar to publicize upcoming and recurring events. In this project, renowned CSS designer Eric Meyer looks at the basic structure of Web-based calendars, explores ways to set the borders between days, and discusses how the days should be classed and identified to give you the most flexibility for later styling.
How to Style Forms in CSS
Mar 17, 2006
Forms give you an easy way to get information back from visitors to your Web site. Although they might be the most common way to get feedback from your Web page, forms shouldn't be a hassle for your users. Jason Teague shows you how to use a bit of simple CSS to create attractive and interactive HTML forms.
What Are CSS Sprites?
Mar 3, 2006
If you're familiar with Web design concepts, you already know the basics of using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS sprites allow you to create a single file that contains all the images laid out in a grid, requiring only a single image and only a single server call. Jason Cranford Teague shows you how to tame your Web site graphics using CSS sprites to consolidate images into a single file.
Ten Things You Can Do with CSS (That You Might Not Have Known You Could Do)
Dec 22, 2005
If you're doing anything in, on, or around Web design, you probably already know the basics of using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). But just learning a few rules doesn't mean you know everything. There are many subtle (and not-so-obvious) techniques that combine CSS capabilities in ways to get some striking design effects. Jason Cranford Teague shows you 10 of his favorite things to do with CSS (that you might not have known you could do).
Five Questions with CSS Author Dave Shea
Mar 25, 2005
Dave Shea, director of the CSS Zen Garden, answers some questions about his upcoming book and what's coming next from this CSS guru.
Untold Mysteries of CSS
Dec 23, 2004
Molly Holzschlag looks behind the curtain to show you how three untold CSS mysteries can be put to use to assist with diagnostics during development, savvy global styling, out-and-out hacks, better design flexibility, and accessibility.
Redesigning a Big Umbrella of Websites: The Informit CSS Overhaul
Nov 5, 2004
Informit and its many sister sites, all divisions of the Pearson Technology Group, recently united in one code base. How does a huge conglomerate of independent web sites become one system of technologies that works for everyone? Meryl K. Evans tells the tale.
Styling a Photo Collection Using CSS
Aug 13, 2004
Eric Meyer walks you through a web page design project to present a collection of photographs for sale.

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