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David Emberton

David Emberton specializes in covering Web development, but his interests extend throughout the fields of technology, science, and the arts. He currently spends time writing articles and software reviews for magazines, as well as authoring technical books and other nonfiction books.

David's regular CNET Networks column is read by more than 100,000 people each month, and his writings have appeared in numerous publications and Web sites, including MSN Computing Central, ZDNet, Macromedia's VectorZone magazine, and David is also a regular CNET Radio guest, covering Web media development topics.

As a freelance developer, David has created dynamic Flash solutions for clients including Procter and Gamble, Nabisco, Nokia, Nickelodeon, and LearningSoft. As the key Flash designer and project manager behind the award-winning site, he invented its unique modular construction and animated character interface. David is also a pioneer of the online Flash developer community; he built and managed the popular FlashZone Web site before he sold the site in 2000 to pursue new projects.

In addition to authoring several Flash books and regularly covering Web media, David spends his time researching a range of related topics: digital copyright law, human communication and cognitive science, interface design, and meme theory.

Outside the professional sphere, David is a part-time activist campaigning against corporatism and the abuse of human rights in developing nations. He also publishes a regular online journal, The Daily Dave, available at his Web site,

David Emberton

David Emberton