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James H. Clark

JAMES H. CLARK is the Production Coordinator at The Lakeville Journal Co., a group of independently owned community newspapers. He is also an administrator of an online gaming community where his sense of humor, broad knowledge, and approachability have earned him the ironic nickname “old man,” and he has become mentor and support for many of the players. James lives in Connecticut with his wife and daughter. 

CORI DUSMANN, author of The Minecraft Guide for Parents, is an educator, writer, and home-schooling gamer parent who lives in Victoria, BC, with her awesome writer, gamer, and tumblr addict fifteen-year-old. With a BA in Child and Youth Care (counseling), Cori has spent more than 20 years working with children and youth in daycares and classrooms, where gaming has often been a source of common ground. Cori regularly writes and reviews books for various print and online publications. 

JOHN MOLTZ has worked in corporate technology for over 15 years (three of which he actually enjoyed). He quit his job in 2012 to become a freelance writer because money can make you only so happy. Writing, on the other hand–that’ll make you miserable forever. He lives in Tacoma, Washington, with his wife, son, and gigantic poodle.