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Epic Software

For the past twelve years, the artists, animators, and programmers at epic software group, inc. have been helping their clients use the power of the computer to tell their stories in ways that are not possible with traditional media. epic creates applications such as multimedia presentations, electronic catalogs, computer-based training, interactive brochures, and touch-screen kiosks. Their work is distributed on CD-ROM, DVD, and the Internet.

In 1997, epic entered the world of publishing when the company was chosen to create over 100 3D illustrations for the Happy and Max series of children's books. In 2000, epic authored Macromedia Flash 5: From Concept to Creation, followed by Macromedia Director Game Development: from Concept to Creation. In 2001, epic produced LightWave 6.5 & 7 Applied and Excel 2002 Plain & Simple. Book projects currently in the works by epic include two titles for Flash and The World's Greatest 3D Graphics, scheduled for release at Siggraph 2002.