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Barry Chudakov

Barry Chudakov is the founder and principal of Inform Associates, an information-management and design firm that creates solutions for corporate, government, and industry entities. Inform Associates considers most corporate entities as complex adaptive systems faced with constantly changing conditions. As a result, they must build adaptive solutions to thrive.

Mr. Chudakov has developed branding, marketing, and advertising strategies as an agency creative director; a corporate executive; a television writer and producer; an audio producer and director; an Internet and Web-development branding strategist; and a business consultant focusing on information management.

He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients (including General Electric, General Foods, Mennen, Microsoft Corporation, Molson Breweries, Nestle Foods, Revlon, Royal Bank of Canada, Target Stores, and Walt Disney World) and major advertising agencies (including Grey, Lintas, J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam). In addition, he has worked as a creative consultant to the Microsoft Corporation, during which time he planned and wrote CD ROM-based multimedia interactive products. He also has worked with production companies in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Houston, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Orlando.

Working with convergence, Mr. Chudakov recently did extensive information-management projects with the Disney Corporation and The Orlando Magic, among other companies.

Eric Felberg is a graphic designer and animator in Orlando, Florida. He has more than 15 of years experience in visualization for the commercial and scientific fields. In addition to design training, he has a degree in cinema. His illustration, graphic design, and animation clients include Compaq, Kaiser Healthcare, and TransAmerica, as well as Disney, PBS, and Discovery networks.

Barry Chudakov

Barry Chudakov