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Barry Moore

About the Author

Barry Moore is a graduate of Western Michigan University and has beenworking and playing on the Internet since 1991. He has worked as a technicaltrainer and web developer and holds several industry certifications, includingMicrosoft Certified System Engineer, Certified Internet Webmaster—MasterDesigner, Certified Advanced ColdFusion Developer, and Microsoft CertifiedTrainer. Barry also founded and is still an active member of the QueenslandColdFusion User Group. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Barry now lives withhis wife, Emma, in sunny Brisbane on Australia's East coast, where hecurrently works as a web infrastructure engineer and developer for TourismQueensland.

About the Technical Reviewers

The following reviewers contributed their considerable hands-on expertise tothe entire development process for ColdFusion MX: From Static to Dynamic in10 Steps. As the book was being written, these dedicated professionalsreviewed all the material for technical content, organization, and flow. Theirfeedback was critical to ensuring that ColdFusion MX: From Static to Dynamicin 10 Steps fits our reader's need for the highest-quality technicalinformation.

Marc Dimmick has been involved in the ColdFusion community for morethan six years. He was instrumental in the establishment of a CFUG in Victoriathat has been running for over six years, as well as other newly formed CFUGs inAustralia. There is now a user group in each state and territory ofAustralia.

Marc has been involved in the ICT industry for more than 20 years. Hisactivities have included everything from computer sales and engineering toteaching, training, design, and development. He started in the Internet industryas a graphic designer and then progressed to development and management ofdevelopment teams. He has been involved with ColdFusion since version 3. He iscurrently General Manager of iBase Global Pty Ltd, a small enterprise inAustralia.

Kathy Hester spends most of her time as a trainer for web designers and developers. When not involved with training sessions, Kathy works as an independent contractor doing project management, web programming, and user interface design. In her spare time, she manages the New Orleans ColdFusion User Group and works with Hal Helms teaching Fusebox methodology. Kathy can be reached at

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