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Robert Lettieri

Robert Lettieri is a computer consultant, specializing in graphics andmultimedia technologies. At the University of California at Berkeley, he isthe multimedia courseware specialist for Synthesis, a National EngineeringEducation Coalition. He has been experimenting and working with digital andanalog video for over 12 years. He has taught many people how to usegraphics and desktop publishing software, both individually and in trainingworkshops.

Together with Judith Stern, he wrote QuickTime: The Official Guide for Macintosh (Hayden Books, 1994) and BMUG's Quicker QuickTime (BMUG, 1992).

The two currently co-author The Little QuickTime Page, a weekly news Web page. In addition, they domultimedia production work, write articles about multimedia, and been involved in many aspects of the development of various Web, CD-ROM and kiosk projects.