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Rob Keniger

Rob Keniger began his career working for print publishing systems integrators before he saw the original Mosaic web browser and became hooked on the new internet medium. Rob worked for a variety of small and large companies implementing internet systems and along the way discovered GoLive CyberStudio, a revolutionary application which opened his eyes to the brave new world of WYSIWYG HTML editing.

Rob, along with his wife Janet, now run Big Bang Solutions, a small web development company located in Brisbane, Australia. Big Bang designs and implements custom web applications for a variety of companies around the world. Rob was one of the first developers to release extensions for Adobe GoLive using the GoLive 5 Software Development Kit (SDK)[md]these extensions have been very well received and have led to further work for the company, including custom extension development for Adobe Systems. You can download Big Bang extensions from

Rob can often be found dispensing useful advice on the GoLive Talk discussion forum where is a well-known contributor: When he's not in front of the computer you will often find him messing around with high-tech freshwater planted aquariums. You can contact Rob at