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Andreas Heim

Matthew David has been developing Flash-based applications for more than six years. (That makes him very old in this business!) Examples of his work can be found at his web site,, or you can email him directly at Matthew's most recent publications include content for Flash 5 Magic and Inside Dreamweaver 4. You can also see him popping up in many online magazines such as,, and ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: There are only four people I need to thank: my three kidsߊake, Emma, and Liamߡnd my beautiful wife. I could not do any of the things I do without you. I love you all.

Mark Baltzegar is an award-winning art director and interactive designer at Terra Incognita, bringing eight years of experience in working with video, print, and animation. Mark's work has been awarded the NY Films International Festival Gold Medal, has won Telly and Emmy awards, and has been recognized in HOW magazine. Like the other members of Terra Incognita's team, Mark has a strong background in the liberal arts. Mark attended the Louisiana Scholars' College, where his concentration was in the humanities and social thought. Mark is also a contributing author to Step-By-Step Digital Design. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: My wife and son, for their generous support; the Terra Incognita family, for their generous support; the Institute of Human Origins, for the generous use of imagery and audio from the Becoming Human interactive documentary.

Véronique Brossier currently works independently, developing games and web interaction design. A technology and art enthusiast, her work aspires to transcend programming and design and to engage the user. Today, Véronique teaches "Interactivity in Flash" in the same program where she received her M.A. when the Internet was in its infancy, the Interactive Telecommunications Program of New York University. Upon graduating from NYU, she worked for the American Museum of National History, designing and programming exhibition kiosks. Afterward, she joined the design studio Funny Garbage, where for three years she held the position of technical director in the animation department. Originally a French import, she has made New York City her home for many years.

Jim Caldwell is a self-taught and ambition-driven creative developer. His background lies within corporate surroundings, working for communications giants such as BellSouth and MCI WorldCom. At present, he is a senior applications developer with MCI WorldCom. Although he has been responsible for the company's intranet applications, his passion is creating new benefits and uses within Flash. His design studio, Innovative FX, LLC (, contributes to his success by allowing him to serve clients such as Cisco Systems, Inc. Jim has always been a large part of the design community, moderating at forums such as Ultrashock (, We're Here (, and Flashmove ( Jim is the author of Instant Macromedia Flash 5 (Osborne McGraw Hill). ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I'd like to thank my wonderful wife, Mary, for all the help and support she has given me. I owe the world to her.

John Dalziel is the U.K. correspondent for FlashMagazine. He has written tutorials on date and time for and tinkers with his own Flash projects at He came to Macromedia Flash from a background in game design and is currently working for Pogo Technology, building Flash interfaces for mobile devices. John lives in London with his starfish. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: I'd like to thank my wife, Emma, and my parents for their support; Andrew Gibson for his wonderful photograph; Tom, Gary, and Andy for their inspiration; Jensa and Miko for letting me loose; and Bill Hicks for s