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Wendy Crumpler

Barry Haynes uses digital technology to print, show, and sell his photography. In addition to his love for creating photographs, Barry teaches digital photography, creates commercial special effects, and does digital image consulting. His books, Photoshop Artistry: A Master Class for Photographers and Artists, and Photoshop 4 Artistry: A Master Class for Photographers, Artists, and Production Artists are available in bookstores around the world. He has been teaching Photoshop courses since 1990 to clients including Apple, Oracle, Kodak, Nikon, Pacific Bell, Sony, Tandem, SuperMac, The San Jose Mercury News, and many others. He teaches regular digital photography workshops for University of California Santa Cruz and UC Santa Barbara Extension programs, and AD Vantage Computers in Des Moines, Iowa. He has given talks or workshops for the Photoshop Conference, The Golden Gate School of Photography, Seybold Seminars, the MacSummit conference, MacWorld, the Center for Creative Imaging, the Digital Photography Conference, the American Society of Magazine Photographers, advertising agencies, design firms, and other organizations.

His articles have appeared in desktop publishing magazines, and his imaging effects can be seen in brochures, on the Web, and on magazine covers for companies including Apple, Netscape, and Tandem. Barry has a degree in computer science and spent 10 years, from 1980 to 1990, doing software development and research at Apple. There he did research involving desktop publishing, digital imaging, and high-speed networks, and before that he worked on Pascal and Object Oriented software development environments for Apple including Macintosh Smalltalk, MacApp, the Lisa Workshop, and Apple II Pascal.

Wendy Crumpler has been in advertising and design since 1980. She has worked in print, television, CD-Interactive, interactive television, and computer-based training. Prior to her discovery of the computer in 1981 and the Macintosh in 1986, she was an actress and teacher. Since her involvement in digital imaging, she has done production, illustration, design, and training for a variety of clients using Quark, PageMaker, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, and other applications. She has worked for Angotti Thomas Hedge, Boardroom Reports, Deutsch Advertising, J.Walter Thompson, TBWA Advertising, Wechsler Design, Manhattan Transfer, Wells Rich Greene, Canon, Parke Davis, IBM, and AT&T.