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John Allsopp

John Allsopp had been working with, on, for, and against the web since the first half of the 1990s. He’s a co-founder of and developer of Style Master, the web world’s most venerable cross-platform CSS development tool. He’s also the author of numerous courses, tutorials, tools, resources, and articles for web designers and developers, including the influential A List Apart article The Dao of Web Design.

John is the co-founder of the web conference series Web Directions, which is held in Australia, North America, Japan, and the UK. Most recently of all, John co-founded Scroll Magazine, a print, PDF, and online magazine that explores the big ideas around designing and developing for the web. He is the co-chair of a new W3C Incubator Group that focuses on educating the next generation of web professionals.

John is the father of two darling daughters, with another child on the way. In his copious spare time, he does as much mountain biking, surfing, and snowboarding as all these other activities allow, which is to say, very little. John’s personal site is Follow him on Twitter, @johnallsopp.