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Since 1997, has been helping people learn to use the latest software, technologies, and techniques to communicate more effectively in print, on the web and through motion graphics. Each product is developed by experts in the field who share a passion for teaching in a generous, caring, honest and unbiased fashion, and must earn the Lynda Weinman seal of approval for quality of content, production and presentation.

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Hands-On Training

Lynda Weinman The premise of the hands-on exercise approach is to get you up to speed quickly by actively working through the book's lessons. It's one thing to read about a product and another experience entirely to try the product and get measurable results. Our motto is, "read the book, follow the exercises, and you will know the product."

Many exercise-based books take a paint-by-numbers approach to teaching. While this approach works, it's often difficult to figure out how to apply those lessons to a real-world situation, or to understand why or when you would use the technique again. What sets the HOT books apart is that the lessons contain lots of background information and insights into each subject, which is intended to help you understand the process as well as the exercise. Each book contains a CD with the exercise files so you can follow along with each exercise. At times, pictures are worth a lot more than words. In all of our HOT books, we included short QuickTime movies on the companion CD to show any process that's difficult to explain with words. It's our style to approach teaching from many different angles, since we know that some people are visual learners, others like to read, and still others like to get out there and try things.