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Design Fundamentals Series from Peachpit -- Save 35% with Discount Code DESIGNFUN

Design Fundamentals Series

Miss your design class, again? That's OK. You can borrow our notes.

Lucky for you, we didn't miss a single class the entire semester—so you'll find all of the important points explained in the notes, along with the class assignments.

Sorry if you can't read the handwriting sometimes, but when it comes to color theory, composition, and visual elements, there was a lot to cover. We went over all of the basics, as well as all the key principles you'll need to become a better designer, and we did it in a way to keep you visually stimulated all the way through—just check out some of the page spreads to the right, if you don't believe me.

Oh, and we had some pop quizzes in this class—we put those in the notes too, so you can test yourself, even if it won't count toward your actual grade.

Good luck! See you in class next semester.

Q&A with the Authors

An Interview with Rose Gonnella and Max Friedman on Design Fundamentals: Notes on Color Theory

Take a Look Inside the Design Fundamentals Series

Design Fundamentals Series from Peachpit: Color Spread
Design Fundamentals Series from Peachpit: Elements Spread
Design Fundamentals Series from Peachpit: Color Spread