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PDFTethered shooting: Auto Imports using EOS Utility
As was explained in the book, the tethered shooting feature is now available in Lightroom 3 for a select number of digital SLR cameras. This is fine if the camera you use is supported, but not all cameras can make use of the tethered feature. This PDF comes from The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book, where I show a workaround method for auto importing photos into Lightroom, making use of the camera manufacturer tethered import software. In this case I show how to shoot tethered using the Canon EOS Utility, but you easily could adapt this method for working with other makes of camera software.
PDFLightroom vs. Photoshop curves
The way Lightroom tone curve adjustments are applied is not exactly the same as the way Curves adjustments are applied in Photoshop. There is quite a subtle distinction between the two methods. This PDF extract was initially published in the Appendix section of The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book. Here, I outline a Photoshop technique for comparing the tone curve response in Lightroom with that in Photoshop and highlight some of the ways that Lightroom/Camera Raw curves adjustments can be considered better than those applied in Photoshop.