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3ds max 5 Fundamentals

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3ds max 5 Fundamentals


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  • NEW - Fully updated to reflect the new animation enhancements and modeling tools built into 3ds max 5, including Global Illumination and Radiosity lighting.
    • Teaches students state-of-the-art techniques they will be able to utilize for many years to come.

  • NEW - Detailed chapter introducing the state-of-the-art reactor® dynamics software now integrated with 3ds max 5.
    • Shows students how to use powerful new tools for adding highly realistic dynamics to scenes, and enabling those dynamics to interact with each other.

  • Extensive step-by-step exercises updated for the latest 3ds max 5 features and the most efficient professional workflows.
    • Gives students hands-on practice on key 3ds max 5 features, while also showing them how to maximize their productivity and value in the marketplace.

  • Coverage of every facet of working with 3ds max 5—Coverage includes concepts and scene development, building street and interior scenes, freeform modeling, materials, lighting, animation, video post, and much more.
    • Gives students a single source for all the core 3ds max 5 techniques they need to master.

  • Coverage applicable to gaming, web content, film, television, and architecture—Presents techniques relevant to virtually every industry and application where 3ds max 5 is widely utilized.
    • Enables students to succeed with 3ds max 5 in a wide range of applications and industries.

  • All project files on CD-ROM—Includes an extensive set of practice files covering every project presented in the book.
    • Gives students the files they need to practice with each of the book's hands-on projects.

  • By Ted Boardman, the world's leading 3ds max 5 trainer, whose clients range from Price Waterhouse to The Rolling Stones—Authored by an expert who has helped thousands of students and professionals master 3ds max in books and live training sessions.
    • Gives students confidence that they are receiving information that is thorough, accurate, clear, and useful and reflects the challenges they will actually face.


  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 496
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1318-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1318-5

Jumpstart your quest for mastering 3ds max 5 with beginner level techniques that will apply to many aspects of 3d design. The exercises will walk you through steps that introduce and reinforce productive workflow methods for all users. The techniques focus on exciting new tools and features in 3ds max 5.

3d environment artists, whether for gaming, web content, film and television, or architecture have a responsibility to set the foundation and mood for all other aspects of 3d design. There is a plethora of books on character design and animation while the majority of jobs in the marketplace are for building environments for those few characters to exist in. This book walks you through several scenes that form a basis for learning tools, work methods, and efficient techniques that will make you a more valuable artist in a wide range of job opportunities. More experienced max users can also benefit from the fresh perspective and a focus on amazing new modeling tools, Global Illumination and Radiosity lighting, and animation enhancements included in 3ds max X. The book will include a CD ROM that will have all the project files needed to go with the book.



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Sample Content

Online Sample Chapter

3ds max Effects: Reacting to Reactor

Downloadable Sample Chapter

Sample Chapter from the book - 1.6 mb -- Chapter 13 - Effects: Reacting to Reactor

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter begins with In This Part and concludes with a Summary.)



 1. Graphics and 3ds max 5 Concepts: Laying the Groundwork.


 2. Modeling: A Medieval Street Scene.
 3. Applying Materials and Maps for a Convincing Outdoor Scene.
 4. Exterior Lighting: Standard and Advanced Methods.
 5. New Animation Concepts.


 6. Modeling for Radiosity and Efficiency.
 7. Materials and Mapping: Deeper into the Details.
 8. Interior Lighting with New Photometric Lights.
 9. Taking Control with Animation Controllers.


10. Introduction to Freeform Modeling.
11. Materials and Lighting: The Magic Combination.
12. Animation: Animating in World Space.
13. Effects: Reacting to Reactor.
14. Video Post: Tying It All Together.
Appendix A. What's on the CD-ROM.


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