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Building Accessible Websites

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Building Accessible Websites


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  • Relevant Issues—Discusses what accessibility really means and focuses on the important issues, including government mandates, users with disabilities, non-English speaking users, and the increasing panoply of web-enabled devices.
    • Introduces students to a critical emerging issue in web site design.

  • Practical Solutions—Presents real-world solutions and techniques for developing web sites that are accessible on nearly every device to nearly every visitor, even those with disabilities.
    • Provides students with the necessary techniques to create an accessible web site.

  • Targeted Strategies—Discusses the appropriate uses of specific accessibility techniques with an emphasis on phased accessibility for small, medium, and large budgets and web sites.
    • Demonstrates how and why certain techniques are most effectively employed across a variety of web sites and web devices.

  • Actual Examples—Provides an informative look at successful accessibility initiatives by web developers, showing before and after examples.
    • Allows students to see how accessibility techniques can be applied to working web sites.


  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1150-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1150-1

Using a strategic approach to the issues in a journalistic style, this book will be a foundation for how people think about this issue going forward-the first book people would read on the topic, before delving into the minutiae of the moment.

With lawsuits and human-rights complaints proliferating, and with simple awareness of accessibility percolating through the industry, soon it will be hard to find a web shop that won't be producing accessible sites, whether it presently has the experience and know-how or not. Government mandates, lawsuits from disability groups, more non-English speaking web users, and an increasing population of Web-enabled devices make this a vital topic.



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Sample Chapter - 479 kb -- Chapter 9 - Type and Colour

Table of Contents

The Access Manifesto.

 1. How to Read This Book.

 2. Why Bother?

 3. How Do Disabled People Use Computers?

 4. What is Media Access?

 5. The Structure of Accessible Pages.

 6. The Image Problem.

 7. Text and Links.

 8. Navigation.

 9. Type and Colour.

10. Tables and Frames.

11. Stylesheets.

12. Forms and Interaction.

13. Multimedia.

14. Certification and Testing.

15. Future Dreams.

Appendix A. Accessibility and the Law.

Appendix B. Language Codes.




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