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Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio Interface Design

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Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio Interface Design


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10"
  • Pages: 368
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1218-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1218-8

Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio Interface Design has fifteen tutorials on creating a wide-range of interfaces with Director 8.5 and Shockwave that can be modified for use for any output: web, games, basic multimedia, and more. All of this is wrapped up with foundational information for those needing to refine their Director skills. The companion CD gives the access to all the files necessary for the completion of the chapter tutorials and each of the 15 interface examples. The CD also includes trial versions of Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio for Mac and Windows.


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Table of Contents


A Different Approach. History of Macromedia Director. Advantages of Using Director. Overview of the Chapters. Using the CD-ROM. Getting Started.


1. Designing Interfaces.

Basic Principles of Design. Knowing Your Audience. Giving the User Control. Providing Feedback. Using Metaphors Effectively. Representing Ideas with Images. Bells and Whistles.

2. Using Director.

Installing and Running Director. Using the Stage Window. Using the Property Inspector Window. Using the Score Window. Using the Cast Window. Using the Script Window. Putting It All Together.


3. The Basics.

Approaching “The Basics” Interface. Understanding The Basics Interface. Setting Up the Movie. Creating the Media Cast Members. Setting Up the Score. Writing and Applying the Link Behaviors. Making Adjustments.

4. Ten-Step Guide.

Approaching the “Ten-Step Guide” Interface. Understanding the Ten-Step Guide Interface. Drawing the Circle Vector Shape. Setting Up the Background Elements. Adding the Back and Next Links. Setting Up the Foreground Elements. Adding a Second Navigation Option. Making Adjustments.

5. Television.

Approaching the “Television” Interface. Understanding the Television Interface. Writing and Applying the Play Main and Halt Behaviors. Writing the Global Script. Setting Up the Television Components. Activating the Knobs and Power Button. Activating the Television Screen. Making Adjustments.

6. Classic Jukebox.

Approaching the “Classic Jukebox” Interface. Understanding the Classic Jukebox Interface. Completing the Button Behavior. Activating the Navigation Buttons. Setting Up the QuickTime Movies. Adding Music to the Interface. Making Adjustments.

7. epic Model Library.

Approaching the “epic Model Library” Interface. Understanding the epic Model Library Interface. Writing and Applying the Section Button Behavior. Activating the Model Image and Description. Creating the Scrolling Model List. Creating the Help, Options, and Exit Sections. Making Adjustments.


8. Cluttered Desktop.

Approaching the “Cluttered Desktop” Interface. Understanding the Cluttered Desktop Interface. Displaying a Rollover Status Message. Creating the Desk Item Behavior. Building the Help Section. Creating the Section Text Behavior. Creating the Section Image Behavior. Making Adjustments.

9. Video Game.

Approaching the “Video Game” Interface. Understanding the Video Game Interface. Creating and Implementing Film Loops. Completing the Player Behavior. Accepting Keyboard Input. Adding a Blinking Help Bubble. Making Adjustments.

10. Media Browser.

Approaching the “Media Browser” Interface. Understanding the Media Browser Interface. Completing the Global Script. Completing the Draggable Behavior. Affecting the Stage Through Draggable Sprites. Activating the Page Items. Adding a New Page Item. Making Adjustments.

11. Vector Sampler.

Approaching the “Vector Sampler” Interface. Understanding the Vector Sampler Interface. Compiling Vector Graphics on the Stage. Adding the Close Button. Completing the Window Links Behavior. Completing the Window Image Behavior. Making Adjustments.

12. epic Portfolio.

Approaching the “epic Portfolio” Interface. Understanding the epic Portfolio Interface. Completing the Spotlight Behavior. Activating the Menu Buttons. Adding the Overlay Sprite. Activating the Number Buttons. Making Adjustments.


13. Woodlands Waterway.

Approaching the “Woodlands Waterway” Interface. Understanding the Woodlands Waterway Interface. Activating the Building Links. Completing the Caption Behavior. Setting Up the Directory Section's Background. Setting Up the Help Section. Making Adjustments.

14. Chopper-Bot.

Approaching the “Chopper-Bot” Interface. Understanding the Chopper-Bot Interface. Completing the Slide In Behavior. Completing the Show Item Behavior. Activating the Main Menu's Robot Hand. Adjusting the Sound Volume Through Lingo. Making Adjustments.

15. Holiday House.

Approaching the “Holiday House” Interface. Understanding the Holiday House Interface. Activating the Kitchen Window. Layering Sounds Through Lingo. Activating the Champagne Bottle. Making Adjustments.

16. Company Headquarters.

Approaching the “Company Headquarters” Interface. Understanding the Company Headquarters Interface. Completing the Room L1 Behavior. Adding the Illustration Gallery Room. Adding the Illustration Portfolio Image. Bridging the Gap Between Door L1 and Room L1. Making Adjustments.

17. 3D Gallery.

Approaching the “3D Gallery” Interface. Understanding the 3D Gallery Interface. Setting Up the Score. Activating the Exit Button. Adding the Sculpture Status Messages. Completing the Spinnable Model Behavior. Completing the Hovering Model Behavior. Making Adjustments.


Congratulations. Online Director Resources. Online Interface Design Resources. Producers of Director Xtras.

V. Appendixes.

Appendix A. Guide to Common Tasks.

Opening a Movie. Saving a Movie. Previewing a Movie. Working with Frame Markers. Creating a Script. Applying Behaviors. Importing Media. Creating a New Cast. Creating an Executable Projector. Publishing Shockwave Content

Appendix B. Guide to Lingo Programming.

The Evolution of Lingo. Event Handlers. Variables. Lists. Functions. Conditionals. Loops. Navigation. Lingo Syntax.

Appendix C. Guide to Shockwave 3D.

Multimedia and the Internet. Movie Formatting Options. Working with Shockwave Movies. Streaming Shockwave Movies. Working in the 3D World. Taking the Lead. The Future of 3D on the Internet.

Appendix D. Glossary.
Appendix E. What's on the CD-Rom.

System Requirements. Loading the CD Files. Exercise Files. Director 8.5 Demo from Macromedia. Read this Before Opening the Software.



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