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Flash 5! Creative Web Animation

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Flash 5! Creative Web Animation

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  • NEW - Now one of our best-selling Flash titles has been updated to cover all of Flash 5's hot new features—Including a complete interface redesign, more powerful ActionScripting, and seamless integration with Macromedia Generator.
    • Provides students through a variety of hands-on practice tools the most current material to learn the latest industry tools and to develop their skills on the latest version of Flash. Ex.___

  • QuickTime Video Tutorials—Companion CD-ROM contains interactive QuickTime video tutorials to follow along with most chapters, source files and interactive lessons for the book, as well as other Macromedia product demos.
    • Tutorials and text combine to provide a complete learning solution for multiple learning styles. Ex.___

  • Tips—Highlighted throughout the book.
    • Offer expert advice, timesaving shortcuts, and pointers for students who want a further understanding of Flash. Ex.___

  • Industry-leading authors—Derek Franklin was formerly chief development officer of Crazy Raven Productions, work that required a thorough understanding of current technologies to push them to the limit. He is the co-author of the previous edition of this book. Brooks Patton is the president and CEO of Crazy Raven Productions Inc., a leading multimedia and Web development firm with offices in Anchorage, Alaska, Indianapolis, and Dallas. He also is the co-author of the previous edition of this book.
    • Many of Peachpit's authors are industry-leading teachers and designers, providing students with expert, professional training. Ex.___


  • Copyright 2001
  • Edition: 1st
  • Premium Website
  • ISBN-10: 0-201-71969-X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-71969-7

The latest update to one of our best-selling Macromedia Flash titles, Flash 5! Creative Web Animation covers all the newest software enhancements, including a brand new interface, Smart Clips, Movie Explorer, Keyboard Shortcuts, and the fundamentals of programming with ActionScript. The book contains new or revised chapters on everything you need to know to get the most out of the program--drawing, sound, the library, animation, interactivity, and finally, testing and publishing your work.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Flash user, authors Derek Franklin and Brooks Patton lead you step-by-step through the basics of the software's many features and tools, and then move on to interactive tutorials, sample demos and a training tour of Web animation. You'll also find tips for making the development process flow more efficiently, plus a content-rich CD containing all the files for the practice exercises, a trial version of Flash 5, and demos of other Macromedia products.


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Sample Content

Table of Contents

1. Why Flash?

Speed. Web Standard. Interactivity. Ease of Use. Design Capabilities. Versatility. Widespread Viewability. Integration.

2. Getting Started.

How Flash Works. What's new in Flash 5. Interface. Options and Settings. Setting Movie Properties. The QuickTime Interactive Tutorials.

3. Graphics.

Tools and Options. Drawing Tasks. Using the Pen Tool. Pen and Drawing Preferences. Editing Simple Shapes. Strokes and Fills. Importing Vector Graphics. Optimizing Graphics. Using Color. Interactive Tutorial.

4. Text.

What is Text? Creating Text Elements. Working with Text Elements. Using Font Symbols for Dynamic Type Styling. Breaking Text Apart. Animation Considerations. Interactive Tutorial.

5. Sound.

Understanding Sounds. Importing Sounds. Adding Sounds to the Timeline. Configuring/Editing Sound Instances. Sound Properties. Updating Sounds. Advanced Sound Capabilities. Using Sounds in Shared Libraries. Interactive Tutorials.

6. Bitmaps.

Importing Bitmaps. Adding Bitmaps to your movie. Working With Bitmaps. Bitmap Properties. Optimizing Your Images. Updating Bitmaps. Using Bitmaps in Shared Libraries. Using Animated GIFs. Using PNGs. Interactive Tutorial.

7. Symbols.

Understanding Symbols and Instances. Creating Symbols. Editing Symbols. Working With Instances. Interactive Tutorials.

8. Working with Elements on the Stage.

Selecting. Groups. Placing Elements on the Stage. Transforming Elements. Duplicating Elements. Cutting, Copying, Deleting, and Pasting. Interactive Tutorial.

9. Using Layers to Separate Content and Functionality.

Understanding Layers. Working with Layers. Identifying Graphical Elements on Different Layers. Using Guide Layers. Special-Purpose Layers. Layer Properties. Interactive Tutorials.

10. Using Animation to Build Movement.

How Animation Works. Understanding the Timeline. Working with Scenes. Frames. Creating Animation. Putting it all Together. Using QuickTime Video. Interactive Tutorials.

11. Basic Actions for Building Interactivity.

Interactivity in Flash. Actions Panel. Basic Actions in Depth. Interactive Tutorials.

12. Building Advanced Interactivity using ActionScript.

What is ActionScript? Thinking Like a Programmer. Variables. Operators. Expressions. Statements. Functions. Working with Multiple Timelines. Objects. Smart Clips. The Actions Panel Options Menu. Printing. Interactive Tutorials.

13. Using the Library to Manage Your Assets.

The Interface. Managing Library Assets. Working with Symbols in the Library Window. Working with Sounds, Bitmaps, and Videos in the Library Window. Viewing and Organizing Library Items. Special Libraries. Interactive Tutorials.

14. Using Movie Explorer to Manage Structure.

Understanding the Display List. Movie Explorer Tasks. Interactive Tutorial.

15. Testing.

Getting Ready to Test. Testing Within the Flash Authoring Environment. The Test Movie and Test Scene Commands. The Testing Environment.

16. Publishing Your Work.

Delivery Methods. Flash and HTML. Player Issues. Understanding Templates. Interactive Tutorial.


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