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Flash Deconstruction: The Process, Design, and ActionScript of Juxt Interactive

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Flash Deconstruction: The Process, Design, and ActionScript of Juxt Interactive


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Dimensions: Special (all other)
  • Pages: 352
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1149-6
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1149-5

Imagine a seminar for web developers covering ActionScripting, pulled together and presented not by unknown, professional seminar presenters, but by a well-known and respected Flash design house. The first part of the seminar presents ActionScripting Fundamentals, not only for those new to ActionScripting, but also to explain best practices and proper workflow to those already using ActionScripting (this also helps correct bad habits). The second part of the seminar requires the class to walk through a deconstruction of the design house's own website; the third part requires the class to work through the building and deconstruction of a special site developed especially for the seminar. In each part of the seminar, three pedagogical methods are used: 1.) Basic lecture/exposition of the material; 2.) How-To sections focusing on hands-on learning of detailed areas; and 3.) special Inspiration Inserts, where the class explores and deconstructs other high-profile sites.

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Table of Contents


1. Introduction.

Conventions Used in This Book. About the Book's Site. Who Should Read This Book. About Juxt Interactive. The Evolution of Flash as We See It. Summary. Inspiration: Joshua Davis.

2. The Juxt Interactive Process.

Planning and Process. The Juxt Interactive Team Structure. The Juxt Interactive Process. Summary. Inspiration: James Baker.

3. Actionscript Basics.

The Language of Variables. Loops. Declaring Functions. Arrays. Inspiration: Brendan Dawes.


4. Juxt Interactive Development Process.

The Flash Development Process. Moving Work from FreeHand to Flash. Optimization. Summary. Inspiration: Hillman Curtis.

5. Juxt Environment Scripting.

Clip Events. Organic Motion. Movie Clip Frame Tracking. Randomizing. Content Floaters. Building Tool Tips. Drag-and-Drop Navigation. Dynamic Line Generation. Global Sound Control. Building a Smart Clip. Summary. Inspiration: Glenn Thomas.


6.—Innovative Actionscript Navigation.

Skate Team Riders. Surf Featured Rider. Movie Control. Embedding Videos. Summary. Inspiration: Fred Sharples.

7.—Flash Content Management.

Using Generator. Rider List Generator Template. Team Rider Generator Template. Content Management (Feeding the Monster). Automating Offline Generator. Scheduling a Live Site Update. Summary. Inspiration: Josh Ulm.

8. Other Billabong Sites.

Pickled.TV. Billabong Store. Summary. Inspiration: Jimmy Chen.


9. Movie Maker.

Drag-and-Drop Events. Controlling Movie Clip Attributes. Color, Alpha, and Scale Control. Movie Maker Video Clip Speed Control. Slider Controls. Summary. Inspiration: Mike Young.

10. Movie Maker XML.

What Is XML? Why XML? How Does Flash Interact with XML? How Does the Server Deal with XML? Sending XML in Flash. Receiving XML in Flash. Sifting Through the Data. Movie Maker XML. nDecision's Use of the Array/Transport Library. Summary. Inspiration: Matt Owens.


Appendix A: Flash 5 Hacks.
Appendix B: Resources.
Appendix C: Credits.
Appendix D: About the Authors.


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