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JavaScript Design

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JavaScript Design

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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1167-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1167-9

JavaScript Design shows designers how to create interactive JavaScript applications for the web. It provides detailed descriptions of JavaScript structures, statements and objects, using JavaScript to create different elements of a web page,controlling a page's overall design and function with JavaScript, passing data and variables between clients and servers. Also covered are advanced topics server-side languages: PHP, Perl, ASP, CGI, XML, connections to Java and Cold Fusion. The line between developers and designers is fading. Designers are challenged with projects that require them to have a strong knowledge of the server side issues traditionally fielded by a web developer. Designers are looking for books that teach them the web developer knowledge in a language in which they are accustomed.



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An Orientation to JavaScript

Working with XML and JavaScript

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Table of Contents


1. Jump-Starting JavaScript.

JavaScript Lives in a Web Page. Putting JavaScript into Your HTML Pages. What You Can Do with JavaScript That You Can't Do with HTML. An Interpreted Language. A Tale of Two Interpreters. Generated JavaScript.

2. An Orientation to JavaScript.

Writing JavaScript. Naming Rules and Conventions. A Weakly Typed Language Means That JavaScript Is Smart.

3. Dealing with Data and Variables.

Literals. Variables. Primitive and Compound Data. Arrays.

4. Using Operators and Expressions.

General and Bitwise Operators. General Operators in JavaScript. Operators. Precedence.

5. JavaScript Structures.

Statements in Sequential Structures. Conditional Structures. Loops. The with Statement. The label and continue Statements and Nested Loops.

6. Building and Calling Functions.

Methods and Functions. Creating Functions. Firing Functions with Event Handlers. The return Statement. Using Functions as Data. Properties in Functions. Methods in Functions.

7. Objects and Object Hierarchies.

Hierarchy of Objects in JavaScript. User-Defined Objects. Built-in Objects and Their Properties. Key Built-in Object Methods.


8. JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming and the Document Object Model.

Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript. The Prototype Concept. The Document Object Model.

9. Frames and Addressing Frames in Windows.

The Window as a Complex Object. Scripts That Write Scripts.

10. Event Handlers.

The location, anchor, and history Objects. Events and Event Handlers in HTML and JavaScript.

11. Making Forms Perform.

The Many Types of Forms Elements in HTML. All Text Entries Are Strings. Passing Data Between Forms and Variables. Forms as Arrays. Types of Forms. Buttons and Their Events.

12. Dynamic HTML.

What Is Dynamic HTML? Cascading Style Sheets. Borders. External CSS Style Sheets. The Role of JavaScript in Dynamic HTML.

13. Remember with Cookies.

What Are Cookies and How Are They Used? Adding More Attributes. Getting Information and Giving It Back. Summary.


14. Using PHP with JavaScript.

The PHP4 Scripting Language. Passing Data from JavaScript to PHP. Controlling Multiple PHP Pages with JavaScript. JavaScript Form Preprocessing for PHP. JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

15. Using ASP with JavaScript.

Creating ASP Pages. Variables in VBScript. Operators and Conditional Statements. Loop Structures. Arrays. Passing Data from JavaScript to ASP. Controlling Multiple ASP Pages with JavaScript. Microsoft Access, ASP, and JavaScript. Setting Up the Access 2000 File. Placing the Access 2000 File on the Server and Preparing the DSN. Making the Connection Between Your ASP Page and Database File. Reading an Access 2000 Database with ASP. Reading and Displaying Multiple Fields. Inserting Records into Access from HTML.

16. CGI and Perl.

Scripting with Perl. A Brief Perl Tutorial. Perl Operators. Perl Statements. File Handling in Perl. Passing Data to CGI from HTML.

17. Working with XML and JavaScript.

The XML Mystique. What Is XML? Reading and Showing XML Data with JavaScript.

18. Flash ActionScript and JavaScript.

ActionScript and JavaScript. Firing a JavaScript Function from Flash. Passing Variables from Flash 5 to JavaScript.

19. JavaScript and Other Languages.

JavaScript and Java Applets. A Little Java. JavaScript and ColdFusion. JavaScript and ASP.NET.

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