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Mac OS X Programming

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Mac OS X Programming


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  • Copyright 2002
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1168-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1168-6

This book provides the reader with definitions, details, and explanations of the various components that make up this new operating system. Understanding the operating system helps the reader use the programming tools and the Carbon application programming interface (API) - both of which are covered extensively in this book. Mac OS X is a blend of old and new. Much of the original programming API (now referred to as the Classic API) is still usable. But it's been revamped and renamed - it's now the Carbon API. This modified set of functions includes plenty of new routines that make a Mac programmer's work easier and more powerful - provided that the programmer knows how to make use of the new code. The reader learns about the all new Carbon Event Manager, as well as the changes and enhancements that have been made to existing managers (such as the Window Manager and the Menu Manager). Readers new to Mac programming will appreciate the journey that takes them from the start of a new Macintosh project to the final build of a standalone Mac OS X application. Readers experienced in programming the Mac will also find this same material of great interest - and these readers will also benefit from the lengthy section on porting existing Mac OS 8 and 9 applications to Mac OS X. Finally, all readers will appreciate the Carbon API reference section that provides information and example code for dozens of the most commonly used Carbon routines.



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QuickTime Movies and File Handling

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Table of Contents

1. System Components and Programming Technologies.

System Software Layers. Application Environments and _Programming Languages. For More Information.

2. Overview of Mac OS X Programming.

Development Environments. HelloWorld: Walking Through a Simple Example Program. Handling Program Errors. Adding an Alert to the HelloWorldDebug Program. Adding a Picture to the HelloWorld Program. For More Information.

3. Events and the Carbon _Event Manager.

Events and Event Handlers. Example Programs. For More Information.

4. Windows.

Opening and Closing Windows. Updating Window Content. Associating Information with _Windows. For More Information.

5. Controls.

Command Signatures and _Control IDs. Buttons. Radio Buttons. Checkboxes. Text Input Fields. For More Information.

6. Menus.

Menu Basics. Altering Menus Characteristics. Pop-Up Menus. For More Information.

7. QuickDraw Graphics.

QuickDraw Basics. Defining and Drawing Shapes. Patterns. For More Information.

8. Text and Localization.

Localized Resource Files. Localizing Window Content _Text. For More Information.

9. QuickTime Movies and _File Handling.

Files and Navigation Services. QuickTime Movies. For More Information.

10. Bundles and Icons.

Applications, Bundles, and Packages. Registering a Creator Code. Application Icons. For More Information.

11. Porting Mac OS 8/9 Code _to Mac OS X.

Carbon Dater: Getting Ready for Carbon. Tips for Handling Major Porting Issues. For More Information.

A. Carbon API Summary.

B. UNIX and the Terminal.

UNIX and the UNIX Shell. UNIX Commands. Moving About. UNIX Programming.



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