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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips

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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips


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  • Copyright 2003
  • Dimensions: 7-3/8" x 9-1/8"
  • Pages: 264
  • Edition: 1st
  • Book
  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1302-2
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1302-4

Get the hottest collection of cool tips and hidden secrets for the best results FAST! When it comes to Dreamweaver, time is money. This book is all about speed; showing you how to get more work done faster, while actually increasing quality. The whole concept is to help make you faster and more productive than ever with Dreamweaver. This book is nothing but sidebars, giving you the information you need in its easiest form.

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Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Killer Tips: Maximum Acceleration

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Sample Chapter - 1.09 mb -- Chapter 7 - Dreamweaver Tip Variety Pack

Table of Contents

1. Built For Speed Dreamweaver Interface Tips.
Arranging Panels In the Workplace. Code Inspector: Top, Bottom, Right or Left? Next Document, Please. Lost Floating Panels¿Cash Reward. Expanding the Property Inspector. Context Menus. Panel Icons & Launcher. Locating Files. Peek-A-Boo Panels. Standard Toolbar. What's Your Orientation? Taking Measures. Changing the Layout of the Sitemap to Vertical. Fatal Exception: Last Breath. Sharing Your Assets. Code Spy. Design on Top. Plotting the Grid. Local Lefty, Remote Righty. The Usual Suspects. Hidden Game. Maximum Panel Height. Bypass Object Dialog Boxes. Tiling Windows. Cascading Style Windows. Same Shortcuts GetAny Panel You Want! Clean Your Workspace. Faster Site Operations. Dreamweaver 4 and the Macintosh Site Panel. Who Says It Is Rude To Point?

2. Speed, Grace, and Style Power CSS Tips.
Design Time Style Sheets. Path to Success. @import Trick. CSS Shorthand. Definition Sharing. Can I See Some Identification, Please? Margin Madness. Computer Cloning. Font Tags? Fuggedaboudit…. Classy but Careful. CSS Ancestory. Instant CSS File. Rounding the Corners. Just Snippet. Invisible Ink. Filtered or Non-Filtered? Handy Pointer. Counterfeit Web Pages. Collapsing Borders. It's A Love/Hate Relationship. Simplifying the Switcheroo. Inheriting the Family Fortune. Carefully Removing Undies. Clickable Cells That Change Color. Handy Dandy Tag Selector. Out with the Old Styles, In with the New. A Short Commentary. Go Ahead, Use Another Editor.

3. Racin' Down the Rows The Best Table Tips.
Selecting Table Rows and Columns for Fun and Profit. Keyboard Shortcuts. Pseudo-Decimal Align. Complex Formatting from Excel. Splitting Hairy Rows. Custom Formats. Dont' Be a Drag¿No, Wait...Drag On! Aye, Aye, Caption! Keeping to the Ratio. Batten Down the Hatches. Nesting Made Simple. Sort and Format or Format and Sort? The Best of Both Worlds: Set and Expanding Columns. Importing Structured Data. Bringing Table Editing Up to Speed. Table Widths On a Need-to-Know Basis. Add a Row, Add a Column. Moving Cells and Cell Contents. I'll Take the Meat; Hold the Bun. Laura Zoloft, Tab Hunter. Snap Goes the Mouse. Switch Hitter: Going from Standard to Layout View. The Vast Emptiness of Wayout, Layout Space. The Plague of Empty Cells. Layout Cell Properties. This Tip Totally Rules. Calling All Borders. Accessible Stylish Headers. Your Pad Is My Space; My Space Is Your Pad.

4. Speed Daemons Browser Compatibility Tips.
Edit Browser List. Fashioning Furry, Friendly Favicons. Close that Window! Get Out of Gee-AOL. 'Em Off. Alright, Netscape 4.X, Hug Those Margins, Buddy! To Parens or Not to Parens. Tile No More! Quit Making Me Quirky! Browser Checking Without the Browser. Preparing to go to the Table(s). Laying Down a Layer. Right Margin Anomaly. Placement, Placement, Placement. DHTML Backward Compatibility. Previewing Root Relative Links Locally. Sassy Status Bar. Snappy Browser Sizing. Go Back Three Spaces. Eliminate the Internet Explorer 6 Image Toolbar. Color Catcher. Open a Window. Make Dreamweaver the Default Editor. Focus Pocus. Learning to Accessorize. Browser Emulators & Archives. Can You Spare Me the Cache? Only Temporary. User-Defined Styles. Multiple Previews.

5. Speed of Light Layouts Advanced Layout Tips.
Changing Layer Stacking Order. Layers Like You Like 'Em. Drawing Multiple Consecutive Layers. Movin' And Groovin' and Layin' to the Beat Now. Now You See It, Now You Don't. The Client Who Must Have Hover. Put Those Layers in Their Place. Supersizing Layers. Taking Preventative Measures. Pixel-Perfect Positioning. No Tresspasing. Sometimes the Obvious Escapes Us. Nesting Urges. Change Layer Contents. Business as Usual. Why So Blue? Framesets-a-Polooza. Quick Draw Framesets. Splits Are All Relative. A Frameset by Any Other Nameset. Getting in Touch with Your Inner Frameset. Keeping Frames in Their Place. Help I've Been Framed Again! Playing the Frame Name Game. Help, I've Been Framed. Targetting Multiple Frames. Oodles of Undo-Odles. Creating Accessible Frames. Déjá Vu Frames.

6. Rev Your Engines Templates, Library, and Production Tips.
Easymake Templates. Edible Pears Versus Editable Pairs. Keeping It Stylish. A Region by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet. Heads Up! Da Link's Da Ting. Stay Tuned for a Special Update. Quick Editable Regions. Changing Your Mind About Template Regions. Zap that Template? Think Twice (Or Even Thrice!). The Twin Labs. Editable Attributes Blast-Off. Editable Attributes, Two for Two. The Dark Side of Editable Attributes. Alternating Row Colors, the Template Expression Way. The Hobgoblin of Big Minds. Stylin' at the Bibliotechique. Sharing the Library Card. The Re-Animator Visits The Library. Shhh! Library Rules! Whatever Happened to New from Template…? Rollover Beethoven. Double-Click and Fix. Navigation Bars Made Easy. XHTML, the Wave of the Future. Layout View Words of Wisdom. On this Date…. Flash Text for Mock Ups.

7. Maximum Acceleration Dreamweaver Tip Variety Pack.
Bringing in Separate Paragraphs from Word. Focus Your Attention Right Here. Watch Out for Killer Octothorpes. Heading this Way. Rescaling an Image in Dreamweaver. Quickly Clearing a Page. Finding Your Assets in a Dark Room (Without a Flashlight). Everybody, Come On and Do Da Combo, Mon! Clowns to the Left Of Me, Jokers to the Right…. Zippy Form Organization with the Fieldset Tag. Where, Oh, Where Have My Window Sizes Gone? Staying in Good Form. Playing Nice with the Insert Bar. "A" Is for Accessible Applets. Multiplying Radio Buttons. Fancy-Schmancy Form Buttons. Label-licious. Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? Anchors Away. Bye, Bye Helper Text. That's What It's All About. Javascript Required. Transferring Sites. No More Broken Links. Reusable Javascript. View as a Root. Initially Selected Value. Requiring Input.

8. Greased Lighting Application Building Tips.
Safer Includes. Pre-Filled Forms. Finding Your Way Down The path. Cellular Insurance. Good Habits Are Hard to Come by. Double-Click and Fix Too. Reusing Memo Type Fields. Reusing Recordsets. That's My Code, No Touchy. Format that Data. Now You See It, Now You Don't. Rollover, Fido1; Rollover, Fido2. Yes, We Have No Records Today. Coping with Login Failure. Basic (SQL) Training. Views From Afar. Highlighting the Dynamic. Getting It Right from the Data Source. Now that's Refreshing. Custom Recordset Navbar. Testing, Testing. Form-Al Testing. You Be De Master, I'll Be De Tail. Server Behavior Battle Bots. Mapping Form Elements and Data Fields. Multipurpose Checkboxes, Check! Hiding the Primary Keys. To Lock Or Unlock: that Is the Question. I'd Go Offline, If Only I Had the Cache. Select One, Select 'em All.

9. Pedal to the Metal Cool Coding Tricks.
Moving Things Around in You Head. Oops, Backspace…. Obsessive-Compulsive Code Formatting. Click-N-Drag Objects. What a Character! Color Yourself Happy…. Anybody Seen My Code? Putting a Dent in the Code, Or Taking Them Out. Making Selections Effectively. Gimme a Hint, Please. Insert HTML. Refresh Design View. Quick Tag Editing. Wrap Tag Mode. Psychic Help. Attribute Adding Made Easy. Tag Chooser. Wrapping Code Lines. Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly to the Line Number. Where's that Function? Putting Your Heads Together. Changing Tags. Back and Forth. Do You Validate? Note to Self…. Bold Versus Strong, Italics Versus Emphasis. Create Your Own Code Hints. Complete Formatting Control.

10. Customizing Your Hot Rod Customization and Extensibility Tips.
Structuring History Panel Created Commands. Commanding the Table. Alias: The Dreamweaver Command. Sound Approaches to Editing. A Plus in Your Column. The Mother of All Menus. What Else Is on the Menu? Let's All Play Third-Party Tag! Free Scripts, Get Your Free Scripts Right Here! Emo, the Extension Manager. Color Me Extensible. Editable and Selectable? Incredible! An Object Love Affair. Jolly Good Show, Inspector. Check this Out at the Library. To Reload Or Restart, that Is the Question…. Fresh Ripe Commands Ready for Pickin'. Time Out for Floaters. The Right Size for the Right Job. Where Does He Get Those Fabulous Toys? Strip Teaser. Too Many Items on the Menu to Choose. Multi-Users Equals Multiple Files. Behind the Scenes of the History Panel. Making Your Own New from Template Command. Reorganizing the Insert Bar. My Documents. Object to Run a Command. Pick An Object, Any Object. Rated X: Macromedia Code Exposed.



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