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Photoshop Elements 2: 50 Ways to Create Cool Pictures

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Photoshop Elements 2: 50 Ways to Create Cool Pictures

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  • Copyright 2003
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-7357-1323-5
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-7357-1323-9

This full-color visual resource focuses on how to make the most of your digital camera and Photoshop Elements to produce better pictures than you thought possible. In this book you will learn how to correct the most common problems faced by digital camera owners. Also included are many tips and suggestions on how to take better pictures with your digital camera. The step-by-step procedures cover every aspect of digital photography and photo manipulation from how to scan in older photos to the best ways to print, email, or even set up your own personal web gallery.

  • Follow full-color step-by-step instructions on how to enahnce or fix your digital photos
  • Understand the best way to scan in and organize your existing photographs
  • Get ideas for using your digital camera to take better pictures
  • Learn how to use Elements to create professional looking photographs
  • Discover photo retouching secrets such as hot to remove wrinkles and pounds to create glamour shots
  • Figure out how to take photos and stitch them together to create stunning panoramas

"This is my kind of book-straight to the point, without all the fluff, and the approach lets anybody turn right to the technique they want to learn, and get right to it, all without having to be an expert first. This book isn't for people who want to learn about Photoshop Elements, it's for people who want to start using it today. Dave does a great job of focusing on the areas of Elements people really want to learn, but he takes is a step farther and he "let's the Genie out of the bottle" by not dumbing down the content-he lets the reader unlock the real power of Elements and that's what sets his book apart. His section on creating your own panaramas is the best I've seen anywhere!" Scott Kelby, author of Down and Dirty Photoshop 7 and Editor-in- Chief of Photoshop User Magazine

"With enviable mastery of traditional & digital photography, Huss is abundantly qualified to present the photo editing techniques comprising Photoshop Elements 2.0: 50 Ways to Create Cool Pictures. His experience shows through in the book, which provides not only easy to understand tips and techniques, but also presents them in a beautiful, visually arresting way. A great book for anyone curious about how to use digital editing techniques and Photoshop Elements to bring a richness to their own photos." Kakul Srivastava, Photoshop Elements Product Manager, Adobe Systems, Inc.

"I breezed through Photoshop Elements 2.0: 50 Ways to Create Cool Pictures, thanks to Dave Huss's delightfully comfortable text and often stunning imagery. Step by step, he draws the new Photoshop Elements user into his armchair classroom with crystal-clear narrative, on-target photo examples, and an easy, logical style. Huss is a rare professional-a spirited creative with the energy and generosity of heart to pass along the skills he has so brilliantly mastered. " Alice Miller, Editor, Studio Photography & Design

"As a photographer for more than 25 years, Dave mixes his intellectual curiosity with an amazing eyemdan eye for detail, light, texture, and, often, even a feel for the weather conditions that prevail. Dave finds abstraction in almost any subject before his lens and transforms the commonplace into eye-pleasing compositions that defy identification. In this book, Dave Huss attempts to bring understanding of these features to the reader with his friendly, often humorous style." Jim Patterson, Contributing Editor, Mac Design and Photoshop User magazines

"I love Dave's work. He is a magician of digital imagery consistently making the ordinary extraordinary." Stephanie Robey, President and Co-Founder, PhotoSpin, Inc.

"Dave's unique teaching style takes you by the hand and doesn't let go till the last page. His mastery of photography and digital techniques are complemented by his ability to make learning fun." Cliff Weems, Founder and CEO, Auto FX Software

"For years Dave Huss has been reviewing and writing about computer graphics software and hardware. His insight into the digital photo-editing world is useful for both novices and professionals alike. Hell, he can probably tell you a hundred different ways to remove red-eye from a photo." Skip Elsheimer, Tech Guy, Alien Skin Software

"Dave Huss brings a real-world, shoot-from-the-hip perspective to his writing. As an avid digital photographer, Dave blends this passion with his teaching and journalistic endeavors. His experiences are both genuine and comprehensive." Jon Maroney, Director of Business Development, Extensis, Inc.

"Dave Huss is both a masterful technician and talented artist who brings both of these talents to this latest work. His intricate knowledge of Photoshop Elements comes alive in these pages, and his digital images showcase his keen sense of what makes a picture great. This book delivers and offers the most casual observer the skills necessary to create extraordinary results." Arlen Bartsch, Executive Vice President, Hemera Technologies



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Online Sample Chapter

Creating Stunning Panoramas with Photoshop Elements

Table of Contents



1. Quick Tour.

Introducing Photoshop Elements 2.0. Whats New in Version 2.0. A Cooks Tour of the Workspace. Navigating Around the Workspace. Undoing Mistakes. Seeking Help. Summary.

2. Getting Pictures into Your Computer.

Bringing Images into Your Computer. Where Digital Pictures Come From. Using Digital Cameras and Scanners. Picture Management Suggestions. Summary.

3. Adjusting and Enhancing Photos.

Understanding Adjusting and Enhancing Photos. The Fast Track Method. Summary.

4. Sizing and Saving Your Photos.

Resizing Photos for Email. Changing the Size of a Photo—Basic Stuff. Changing the Size of a Picture. Resizing the Canvas. Saving Your Work. Types of Graphic Files. File Management Suggestions. Summary.


5. Dealing with Composition Problems and Distortion.

Improving Composition. When Things Arent on the Level. Straightening Out Scans. Correcting Distortion in Photos. Some Closing Thoughts About Composition. Summary.

6. Fine-Tuning the Color.

Correct Color Versus Desired Color. Color Casts and Their Causes. Summary.

7. Correcting Lighting Problems.

Understanding Lighting Problems—106. Basic Light Problem Solutions. Selective Highlights and Shadows. Real Fill Flash. The Darker Side of Washouts. Dealing with Red Eye. Summary.

8. Putting on the Final Touches.

Whats Wrong with This Photo? Divide and Conquer. Introducing Tonal Adjustments. Framing Our Masterpiece. Summary.


9. Cool Tricks with Text.

Adding and Editing Text. Introducing the Custom Shape Tool. Warping and Unwarping Text. Adding Styles for Great Effects. Making Semitransparent Text and Transforming Text. Outlining Text. Summary.

10. Cool Photographic Techniques.

Creating Painterly Masterpieces. Using Filters to Cover Up Poor Photos. Other Painterly Options. Selective Color Removal for Effect. Summary.

11. Creating Stunning Panoramas.

Photomerge in Elements 2.0. Taking Pictures for a Panorama. Creating a Simple Panorama. Creating a Panorama from Three Photos. A Challenging Panorama. Panorama Examples. Summary.

12. Rearranging and Replacing Objects in Photos.

Harnessing the Power of Selections. Introducing Marquee Tools. Rounding Up the Lasso Tools. Getting the Best Selections (In the Least Amount of Time). Lets Lasso Somebody. Saving and Loading Selections. Magic Wand Tool Magic. Replacing an Overcast Sky. Summary.


13. Retouching Photographs.

Photo Tips for Better Pictures. Improving Appearances. Further Editing Options. Summary.

14. Restoring and Repairing Photographs.

Determining the Problem. Making Copies Versus Using Adjustment Layers. Multiple Corrections: Figure 14.1 Revisited. How to Remove Dust and Debris. Aligned Versus Non-Aligned Cloning. Restoring Faded Color. Summary.


15. Publishing on the Web.

Sizing Up an Image for the Web. Making Images Web Friendly. Reducing Images for Internet Auctions. Making Images for Your Home Page. Saving for the Web. Attaching Your Images to Email. Automated Web Photo Gallery Creation. Generating a PDF Slideshow. Summary.

16. Making Great Photos on Your Printer.

Fast Track Printing. Speeding Up Your Print Jobs. Getting the Best Quality Prints from Your Printer. Printing Multiple Copies of a Picture. Summary.




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