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Real World Adobe® GoLive® 5

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Real World Adobe® GoLive® 5

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  • Copyright 2000
  • Edition: 1st
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  • ISBN-10: 0-201-70406-4
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-201-70406-8

This is the definitive, in-depth guide for Web pros and beginners alike who want to create professional Web sites with Adobe GoLive 5. Users will learn to use GoLive for page creation, editing, and site management, and will learn to work with images, tables, and color. The more complex features of GoLive, such as scripting languages, DHTML, and animations, are also covered. Filled with heavy-duty tips and shortcuts, Web designers and content creators working in GoLive will find this book an invaluable resource.

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Table of Contents


1. Getting Started.

Installing GoLive. Opening GoLive. Sidebar: Managing Windows & Palettes. Getting Started: Step by Step. Creating a New Site. Sidebar: Managing Windows & Palettes continued. Designing a Web Page. Sidebar: Point & Shoot. Managing a Site. Uploading to a Server. Big Picture Workout.

2. The Inspector.

Inspector Basics. Common Attributes. Document Layout Inspectors. Page Inspector. Text Inspector. Sidebar: Our Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts. Image Inspector. Map Area Inspector. Table Inspector. Layout Grids. Floating Box Inspector. Line Inspector. Spacer Inspector. Body Script and JavaScript Inspectors. Marquee Inspector. Comment Inspector. Anchor Inspector. Line Break Inspector. Tag Inspector. Head Inspectors. Meta Tags. Link Inspector. IsIndex Inspector. Base Inspector. Tag and End Tag Inspectors. Comment Inspector. Head Script Inspector. Frame Inspectors. Frame Set Inspector. Frame Inspector. Site Inspectors. File Inspector. Folder Inspector. Reference Inspector. Site Design Inspectors. Color Inspector. Font Set Inspector. Custom Object Inspector. Group Inspectors. Error Inspector. FTP File and Folder Inspectors. Smart Objects. Live Image Inspector. Component Inspector. Rollover Inspector. Modified Date Inspector. URL Popup Inspector. Body Action and Head Action Inspectors. Browser Switch Inspector. Form Inspectors.

3. Palettes and Parts.

Palettes. Sidebar: What's New in 5. Objects. Color. Dynamic Link. Transform and Align. Tracing Image. Floating Boxes. Table. Actions. In & Out Links. Site Navigator. Source Code. Markup Tree. History. The Toolbar. Toolbar Basics. Text Toolbar. Layout Grid Toolbar and Associated Palettes. Image Map Toolbar. Outline Editor Toolbar. Site Toolbar. Navigation View Toolbar. Design Toolbar. Web Settings Toolbar. Style Sheet Toolbar. File Mappings Toolbar. QuickTime Toolbar. Advanced Feature Editors. JavaScript Editor. DHTML Timeline Editor. Style Sheet Editor. Putting Pieces Together.

4. Preferences and Customizing.

Preferences Basics. General Preferences. URL Handling. User Interface. Images. GoLive Modules. Languages and Fonts. Fonts. Encodings. ColorSync (Mac Only). Script Library. Site. Filename Constraints. Status. Clean Up Site, Export, Upload, and Design Colors. Previewing in Web Browsers. Document Editing. Find. Spell Checker. Plug-ins. Network. FTP and WebDAV Servers. Network Status. Code Appearance. Source. JavaScript. Dynamic Link. QuickTime. Keyboard Shortcuts. Adobe Online Settings. Preferential Treatment.


5. Page Overview.

Page Structure. Top-Down Design. Anatomy of a Web Page. Head Section. Body Section. Structure Isn't Restrictive.

6. Layout.

Document Window Basics. Layout Editor. Frame Editor. Layout Preview and Frame Preview. Turn the Page.

7. Head Section.

Base. Meta. Plain Meta Tag. Refresh. Sidebar: It's All Relative. Keywords. Link. Head and Shoulders.

8. Text and Fonts.

Entering Text. Paragraphs and Line Breaks. Navigating Text. Navigating with the Mouse. Navigating with the Keyboard. Formatting Text. A Brief History of Formatted HTML Text. Text Styles. Text Structure. Paragraph Formatting. Text Alignment. Text Size. Sidebar: Covering the Bases with the Basefont Tag. Sidebar: Why Windows Web Pages Have Tiny Text. Lists and Indents. Text Color. Using Fonts. Specifying Fonts. Editing Fontsets. Sidebar: Seen Onscreen. You Look Simply Fontastic.

9. Images.

Image Formats. Sidebar: What's New in 5. Inserting Images. Image Attributes. Resizing Images. Aligning Images. Lowsource Images. Linking Images. Smart Objects. Save for Web. Smart LiveMotion Objects. Working with Smart Objects. Import Photoshop as HTML. Importing Other Image Formats. Importing Without Save for Web. Imagemaps. Working with Sliced Images. Smart Sliced Images. Importing Other Sliced Images. Tracing Image. Positioning a Tracing Image. Cutting Out Sections of a Tracing Image. ColorSync (Macintosh Only). Imagine Great Images.

10. Color.

Color on the Web. Sidebar: A Bit About Bits. Color Between Platforms. Applying Colors. Drag & Drop Color. Active Color. Applying Colors in Other Editors. Selecting Colors. Sidebar: Why So Much Color? The Art of Color.

11. Tables.

Creating a Table. Building a New Table. Sidebar: What's New in 5. Sidebar: Working around the Table Default. Sidebar: Where's the Column Tab? Sidebar: Provide the Numbers<171>the Correct Numbers. The Fine Art of Table Selection. Selecting the Contents of a Cell. Selecting an Entire Table. Selecting a Cell. Selecting Multiple Cells. Selecting a Row or Column. Nesting Tables. Editing Tables. Resizing Cells and Tables. Adding and Deleting Cell Rows and Columns. Cell Spanning. Adding Color to Tables. Sidebar: A Bad Idea Gone Even Badder. Table Styles. Sorting Table Cells. Importing Table Content. Applying Text Formatting to Multiple Cells. Tables as Structure. Fixed Versus Percentage Measurements. Building Forms Using Tables. Converting Tables to Layout Grids. Ubiquitous Tables. Sidebar: Turning Layout Grids Into Tables.

12. Layout Grids.

Creating Layout Grids. Editing the Grid. Sidebar: Browser Compatibility. Sidebar: Layout Grids: Web Design Revolution, or the Work of the Devil? Grid Objects. Layout Text Box. Working with Grid Objects. Sidebar: Behind the Grid. You Control the Vertical, You Control the Horizontal.

13. Frames.

Frames Versus Framesets. Sidebar: Keep Your Framesets and Frames Separate. Creating Frames. Building and Populating a Frameset. Sidebar: Do You Really Need Frames? Sidebar: The Mystery of the Macintosh GoLive Preview Set. Editing Frames. Moving and Resizing Frames. Frame Borders. Sidebar: Border Skirmishes. Naming and Targeting Frames. Are You Game for Frames?

14. Floating Boxes.

Creating Floating Boxes. Floating Boxes Palette. Editing Floating Boxes. Positioning. Resizing. Naming. Layer Depth. Visibility. Color. Background Image. Animation Settings. A Floating Box Doesn't Drift. Sidebar: Behind the Box.

15. Forms.

Parts of a Form. Sidebar: Form Submissions and Servers. Sidebar: Mixed Reaction to GoLive 5 Form Objects. Form Object. Sidebar: Encoding and Decoding in Perl. Input Elements. Sidebar: Naming Elements. Sidebar: Bad Wrap. HTML 4.0 Features. Focus and Field Modifiers. Sidebar: HTML 4.0 Resources. New Buttons. Better Labeling and Grouping. Sidebar: A Script to Test Forms. CGI and Forms. Form a Line.

16. Source Editing.

HTML Source Editor. Syntax Highlighting. Syntax Checking. Editing HTML Source. Formatting Source Code. Macros. Sidebar: Multiple Text Indent Controls. Source Code Palette. Viewing Options. HTML Outline Editor. Adding and Editing Elements. Find and Replace. Find & Replace Tab. Element Tab. Getting Back to the Source.

17. Media.

Netscape-Style Plug-ins. Adding Plug-in Objects. Plug-in Inspector. Specialized Plug-in Inspectors. QuickTime Editing. QuickTime Toolbar. Timeline Window. Track Inspectors. Plug In, Log Out, and GoLive!

18. Page Specials.

Spellchecking. Checking. Document Statistics. Download Page. File Mappings. Open Files. Now That We're on the Same Page. Sidebar: Methods of Opening.


19. Site Management.

Sidebar: What's New in 5. Site Setup. Creating a New Site. Sidebar: Creating a Site Template. Importing a Site. Site File and Folders. Site Window. References and Files. Designs. HTML Attributes. Custom. Site Preferences. Site. Site Features and Objects. Set Your Sights.

20. Prototyping and Mapping.

Sidebar: What's New in 5. Creating Site Prototypes. Managing Designs. Building Site Designs. Viewing Designs. Pages. Sections. Links. Anchors. Adding Pending Links. Selection. Grouping. Alignment and Distribution. Design View Controller. Sidebar: Design Colors. Site View Controller. Staging. Check Design. Submitting a Design. Recalling a Design. Annotations. Annotation Inspector. Annotations Tab. Mapping Sites. Views Interface. Navigation View. Links View. Printing. The Big Picture.

21. Files, Folders, and Links.

Files Inside GoLive. Sidebar: What's New in 5. Working with Files in a Site. Root Location. File Information. Sidebar: Absolute Versus Relative. Sidebar: Status Icons. Sidebar: Aliases and Shortcuts. Adding Files to the Site. Moving Files. Creating Links. Modifying and Examining Links. Sidebar: Hunt the Wumpus. Tuning Up. External Links. Link Objects. Managing Links. Sidebar: Importing Bookmarks from Browsers. Checking Links. Right Pane of the Site Window. Errors. Missing Files. Orphaned Files. Sidebar: Omitting Certain Files. Extras. Stationery. Components. Sidebar: Always Use Absolute References. Site Trash. Managing Media Links. QuickTime. Sitewide Finding. Find & Replace. Element. Site Reports. Find Files in Site. Export Site. Configuring Export. During and After Export. Clean Up Site. URL Mappings. Single File Ahead.

22. Sitewide Sets.

Creating and Editing. Creating. Sidebar: What's New in 5. Sidebar: Style Sheets for Pages and Sites. Extracting. Viewing. Editing. Applying. Removing Unused. Making Sitewide Changes. Sitewide Find and Replace. Color Me Fontsettable.

23. Synchronizing Sites.

How It Works. Sidebar: What's New in GoLive 5. FTP. WebDAV. Network Status. Built-In FTP Clients. Setting Up a Connection. Sidebar: ISPs and Directories. Connecting to the FTP Server. Built-In WebDAV Clients. Connecting to the WebDAV Server. Sidebar: ISPs and Directories. Sidebar: WebDAV for Apache. File Handling. FTP Inspectors. WebDAV Inspectors. Sidebar: Aliases, Symbolic Links, and Shortcuts. FTP Synchronizing. Getting Set to Synchronize. Sidebar: May I, Please? Sidebar: Do You Have the Time? Uploading. Downloading. WebDAV Synchronizing. Synchronizing, Uploading, Downloading. Selecting. Exporting. Out of Sync. Troubleshooting. Connection. File List. Can't Access Directory or Upload. Locked and (Up)loaded.

24. Importing a Site.

Importing. Sidebar: Nothing Up Our Sleeves and Oops! Sidebar: What's New in 5. Cleaning. Attributes Without Quotation Marks. Fully Qualified HTTP References. Subsite Paths. PageMill Remnant. No Background Color or Image. Orphaned Images. Improving. Replacing Imagemaps. Turning Repeated Elements into Components. Adding Alt Tags. Renaming Files and Reorganizing Structures. Fixing Photoshop Web Galleries. Brave New World.


25. Advanced Features.

GoLive's Secret Weapon. Regular-Expression Pattern Matching. Patterns. Find & Replace. Prefab Find Regular Expressions. Element. Spellchecking. Ever Advancing.

26. JavaScript.

Browser Support. Sidebar: Learning JavaScript. Using JavaScript in GoLive. Why Not Actions? Sidebar: Client-Side Versus Server-Side Scripting. Adding JavaScript. Inserting a Script. Sidebar: What about VBScript and ASP? Choosing a Browser and Language Version. JavaScript Events and the Events Tab. Sidebar: External JavaScripts. JavaScript Objects and the Objects Tab. Example: The Button Rollover. Example: Simple Form Validation. Sidebar: Syntax Check. The Future of JavaScript.

27. Animation.

The DHTML Promise. Floating Boxes and Time Tracks. Creating Animations. Throwing Some Curves. Animating Multiple Elements. Sidebar: Avoiding Timeline Editor Interface Quirks. Animation Scenes. Triggering an Action within an Animation. The Hard Truth.

28. Actions.

Smart Objects. Internal Objects. Page Actions. Standard Actions. Triggering Actions. Page Event Handlers. Text and Image Link Event Handlers. Form Element Event Handlers. Action Track Event Handlers. Unsupported Actions. Configuring Actions. Getters Actions. Sidebar: Field Entry Indicator. Image Actions. Sidebar: Set Image URL Tutorial. Sidebar: Set Image URL Tutorial continued. Link Actions. Message Actions. Multimedia Actions. Others Actions. Specials Actions. Variables. ActionsPlus. Even More Actions Plus. Combining Actions. Rotating Banner Ads. Open a Remote Control Subwindow. Storing Information in a Cookie. Shifting Scripts to an External Library File. Building Action-Packed Web Sites.

29. Cascading Style Sheets.

Style Sheets Backgrounder. Ancient Times. Sidebar: What's New in 5. HTML and Style Sheets. Previewing Style Sheets. Sidebar: CSS Resources. Targeting Browsers. Sidebar: Simple CSS Coding. Previewing in GoLive. Previewing in Real Browsers. Creating Style Sheets. GoLive Tools. Sidebar: Using Import to Link Style Sheets. Style Sheet Selectors. Style Sheet Specifications. Units. Sidebar: Embedding Fonts in GoLive. Element height. Element width. Border. Content. Padding. Margin. Cascading. Sidebar: The Specificity Formula. Applying Style Sheets. Applying Classes. Applying IDs. Advanced CSS. Complex Selectors. Pseudo-Selectors. Browser-Specific Features. Designing with Style.

30. Dynamic Link.

ASP Workflow. Sidebar: Dynamic Link: One Tool Among Many. Installing Dynamic Link. Turning on the GoLive Module. Server Requirements. Installing Special ASP Files. Who Your “Friends” Are. Testing Setup. Building a Database. Sidebar: ASPs Need Windows Line Endings. Parts of a Database. Creating a Flower Catalog. Configuring the Server. Setting Up a Catalog Page. Creating a “Details” Page. Updating and Adding to the Database. Sidebar: E-commerce Capabilities. Future Dynamism.

31. Web Settings.

Web Settings Doesn't. Sidebar: What's New in GoLive 5. Global Tab. Sidebar: A Word of Warning. HTML Formatting. Sidebar: Applying Changes Globally. HTML Tab. Examining Tags. Adding HTML Tags. Changing GoLive HTML Defaults. Characters Tab. Adding Characters. CSS Tab. Browser Preview Settings. CSS Settings. File Mappings. Other Tabs. Give It a Try.

32. Languages and Scripting.

Java Applets and Objects. Java Applet Inspector Specifics. Object Inspector Specifics. ASP Support. XML. XML in GoLive. WebObjects. ¿Habla Usted JavaActiveXML? íSí!

Appendix A: Macintosh Issues & Extras.

File Features. Finder Label. Type and Creator. Mac OS 8.5 and Later Specials. Appearance Theme Savvy. Use Navigation Services. Mac OS 9.0 and Later Specials. Find by Content. ColorSync. Internet Control Panel. File Mappings. Proxy Servers. AppleScript. Text Clippings. Core Apple.

Appendix B.


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