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Corwin HiebertGenerating Demand for Your Creative Services
Marketing is a lot more than just being available to the market. By sharing fresh ideas, sharing your unique attributes and leadership, building a brand that’s memorable and meaningful, and putting it into action, you’ll draw a crowd instead of just standing out in one.
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By Corwin HiebertJan 1, 2013
Colby Brown10 Ways to Build a Following on Google+
Google+ is a terrific social network for photographers to connect with clients, fans, and others who share their love of the visual arts. Colby Brown should know. The author of Google+ for Photographers has built a huge following on Google+. He shares 10 of the best ideas he has learned from his experience - expertise that can help you to build your own network, hang out with great new friends, and get your photography noticed.
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By Colby BrownAug 13, 2012
Search Engine Advertising: Your Marketing Campaign Foundation
The authors of Search Engine Advertising show you how to build a strong marketing plan and campaign foundation using a live campaign to illustrate both the strategic and tactical elements of a search marketing campaign.
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By Kevin Lee, Catherine SedaJun 3, 2009
David B. BermanThe Weapons: Visual Lies, Manufactured Needs
No longer just a product enhancement, branding became the commodity. Our ability to transmit information and products to new markets has never been less expensive or more immediate. David B. Berman looks at the state of branding and design.
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By David B. BermanApr 20, 2009

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Laura RossYes We Did! Twitterview Transcript with @RahafHarfoush and @Peachpit

On Thursday, June 25, @Peachpit and @RahafHarfoush threw down for a live, full-hour Twitterview about the Obama campaign’s use of social media. Check out the transcript and suggest the next Twitterview author!

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By Laura RossCommentsJune 30, 2009
Topics: Voices that Matter,Design,Voices That Matter,Branding/Marketing
Michael NolanA stunning first for New Riders

With the publication last week of Yes We Did: An Inside Look at How Social Media Built the Obama Brand, New Riders scored the distinction of publishing the first book from inside the Obama campaign. How it came together was a kind of magic.

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By Michael NolanCommentsJune 10, 2009
Topics: Best Practices,Design,Web Design & Development,Branding/Marketing
Kara MurphyPresentation Zen: The Video with Garr Reynolds
“You know, we live in a busy world, a very fast paced world. So it’s more important than ever that we take the time to slow down and in the world of communication, it means take the time to slow down to focus on our core message so that we can identify what’s important and what’s not.” —Garr Reynolds
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By Kara MurphyCommentsMay 18, 2009
Topics: Design,Branding/Marketing
Kara MurphyTwitter's FailWhale creator loves Peachpit

This past Wednesday, I attended the second ever FAILparty—aptly entitled EconoFAIL—and caught up with the guest of honor, Yiying Lu.

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By Kara MurphyCommentsFebruary 23, 2009
Topics: Design,Branding/Marketing

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