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Microsoft Word


Steve Schwartz

This chapter covers additional elementary features that are specific to Word, such as the Word interface, entering text, editing, proofing your work, tracking changes, and printing Word documents.

Steve Schwartz

In this introductory chapter, Steve Schwartz explains the Word interface, working in different views, and entering and editing text.

Steve Schwartz

In this sample chapter from Microsoft Office 2008: Visual QuickStart Guide, author Steve Schwartz shows you step-by-step and with tons of visuals how to format your text so that all of your documents look good in the Office.

Neale Monks

Neale Monks shows how you can make the switch from Microsoft Word to Pages ’08 with a minimum of fuss.

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Robert Hoekman

The last and most crucial part of the signup framework is, of course, the registration form itself. And it’s finally time to talk about it.

Ben Waldie

The final Office 2008 example Automator workflow this week is for Microsoft Word. This workflow will retrieve a list of selected contacts in Address Book. It will then extract the name and address for each of those contacts, add it to a new Word document, apply bold formatting, and save the document to the desktop. You’ve now got a list of address labels, ready to be printed.

Ben Waldie

Mac users are probably aware that Microsoft released a new version of Office back in January. The new Office 2008 includes loads of new features and options, including more than 90 Automator actions (which I actually developed under contract) for Entourage, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Using these actions, you can now integrate your Office applications together—as well as other applications such as iCal, iTunes, iPhoto, and Safari—to create simple automated workflows. Throughout this week, I will be discussing the Office 2008 Automator actions and giving you some examples of things that can be done with them.

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