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The Code

With the variable textValue loaded with a text string sufficiently long enough to require at least two pages of printout (just to cover Actionscript’s PrintJob.addPage method) and the TextArea component in the Library, you can move forward.

First, as you might expect, I suggest that you create another layer and name this one code (for obvious reasons). Select the first frame of the code layer, and make sure that the Window>Actions window is open. You will be here for the remainder of the process.

First, with the first frame of the code layer selected, open Windows>Actions and add the following snippet. This sets the stage so it won’t scale and imports the class necessary to work with the TextArea component in our code.

// set scaleMode to noScale so text fields will stay the same size no matter the size of the window
Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";

// import the TextArea control
import mx.controls.TextArea;
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