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A bulleted list is one of the most common slide types used in presentations. It helps organize your information into short, understandable segments. When you create a new bulleted list slide, the text and title areas display placeholders surrounded by dotted lines.

To create a bulleted list:

  1. Choose Insert > New Slide, click the New Slide button on the toolbar, or press the hotkey Ctrl+M.

  2. From the Slide Layout task pane, choose the Bulleted List layout (Figure 2.8).

  3. Figure 2.8Figure 2.8 Choose a layout as you create a new slide. To see the layout options, move the mouse over the icon. If you don't see the layouts, click the options arrow.

  4. Click the title placeholder and type the title of your bulleted list.

  5. Click the text placeholder and type your bulleted text (Figure 2.9). Follow these simple rules:

    • Press Enter to type another bullet.

    • Press Tab to "demote" the bullet to the next level down.

    • Press Shift+Tab to "promote" the bullet up one level.

    • Note in Figure 2.9: When typing bullets, PowerPoint assigns a dark background to the typing area to make it easier for you.

    Figure 2.9Figure 2.9 Select a bullet and title layout for a new or existing slide, and a bulleted list slide will appear before any text has been added.


To change the bullet shape, choose Format > Bullets and Numbering. See Chapter 3, "Creating Text Slides," for more information.

If you change the Navigation pane on the left to Outline view, you can enter bulleted text there or directly onto the slide.

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