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To format an element on a chart, just double-click to select the chart and then double-click the item you want to format. The appropriate Format dialog box will then appear. For example, suppose you want to place the legend at the bottom of the chart.

To format the legend:

  1. Working in Microsoft Graph, point to the legend with the mouse; you will see a ToolTip indicating that you are about to select the legend (Figure 2.18).

  2. Figure 2.18Figure 2.18 When you point to an object, a ToolTip appears with the name of the object.

  3. Double-click the legend to display the Format Legend dialog box (or right-click and choose Format Legend).

  4. Select the Placement tab (Figure 2.19).

  5. Figure 2.19Figure 2.19 Choose a placement option from the Placement tab of the Format Legend dialog box.

  6. Choose the Bottom radio button.

  7. Click OK.

    Figure 2.20 shows the chart with the legend placed at the bottom.

    See Chapter 5 for information on formatting charts. See Chapter 6 for information on formatting pie charts.

  8. Figure 2.20Figure 2.20 The legend now appears at the bottom of the chart.


Some of the chart elements are so close together that it is difficult to select the one you want. To make sure you have selected the element you want, read the ToolTip that appears when you point to an element.

Many chart elements have sub-elements, and it may be difficult to select only the part of the chart you want to change. For instance, after clicking on the legend to select it, click again on one of the categories within the legend to select just it. Now, any formatting you do will be applied just to that one category.

To move a legend, just drag it to a new location with your mouse.

To exit Microsoft Graph, click the slide outside of the chart placeholder.

To reload Microsoft Graph, double-click the chart on the PowerPoint slide.

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