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Friday, February 20: Wil Wheaton's Favorite Games

Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Gordie in the film Stand by Me, is a gamer as well as an actor, and is a long-time friend of The Screen Savers. These classic games delight his inner and outer geek. Be sure to visit Wheaton's site (

My Top Five Atari 2600 Games

  1. Kaboom! ( I'd score it higher, but it's just too damn hard on the higher levels.

  2. Combat ( One word: Invisible tank pong with maximum walls. Close your eyes and make the sounds in your head. Now just try to be unhappy.

  3. Circus Atari ( If you don't already have a paddle controller because of Kaboom!, you'll get it for this game.

  4. Pitfall! (, Please tell me I'm not the only person who tried to get to the "end" of this game.

  5. Yar's Revenge ( The best giant-insects-attacking-the-base-while-trying-to-use-the-big-ass-cannon-that-you-can't-fire-from-the-neutral-zone game ever!

My Top Five Role-Playing Games

  1. D&D Basic Rules ( Color-them-in-dice, The Keep on the Borderlands module.

  2. GURPS Autoduel, including all the Uncle Albert's Catalogues (

  3. GURPS Illuminatti, with a bit of Horror (

  4. D&D 3rd Edition (

  5. My friend Terry's GURPS Space Adventure (, circa 1989, when I got a critical success roll while trying to disguise myself as the president, who I was trying to assassinate. The critical success made my disguise perfectly match the person I was trying to kill, so I totally messed up the entire campaign by walking around firing the president's entire cabinet.

Download of the Day: Age of Mythology Demo

Megan Morrone

This beautiful game is part of the Age of Empires series ( In the demo, you can play only Zeus. But hey, who's better than Zeus?

This download is a hefty 345MB. If you don't have broadband, go watch The Two Towers on DVD; when it's over, the game might be finished downloading.

The Age of Mythology trial version is available at

Site of the Day: Rooftop Skater 2.1

Martin Sargent

Dude, there's nothing like jumping on a killer deck and shredding the steps of City Hall pulling goofy-foot ollies and front-side noseblunt slides. Obviously, I have no idea what I'm talking about. Sure, I like to pretend I'm a skateboarder, but my body is just too delicate, and baggy pants don't flatter me.

To fill the skateboarding void, I play this great game called Rooftop Skater. You can customize your skater, edit rooftop levels, and pull wicked tricks from building to building. It's all the fun of real skating without the brain-scrambling concussions (

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