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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Accessing Image Editing Commands (Mac only)

The following two tips are fun ways to work with images in Quark using the image editing commands from the Style menu. However, on the Mac, there's one hitch—a Display application preference setting that imports TIFF images at 32-bits (color depth). Change this setting (Cmd-Option-Shift-Y) to 8-bit. Then import the image again and you'll be able to use the Negative and Contrast commands. Don't worry, the original picture file on your hard drive won't be altered. The 8-bit preference is only for screen display, and it doesn't affect the bit depth when printed. On a different front, Mac users get more options using the image editing dialogs. Use Cmd-Z to undo your last move so you can try something else without closing the dialog. Apply your choices with Cmd-A.


See also "Negative and Positive Together" and "Faux Duotones #1" (next tips).

Figure 6.13Figure 6.13

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