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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Negative and Positive Together

Very cool effect to pair positive and negative images. Duplicate a picture box on top of the original by pressing Cmd-Option-D or Ctrl-Alt-D. In Step and Repeat, set the offsets to zero, then click OK. Move the copy over so it's butted—copy the Width (W) field in the Measurements palette. Select the duplicate, add the W to the X position (or add the Height (H) to the Y). Now they're side by side. Make one negative with Cmd-Shift-Hyphen or Ctrl-Shift-Hyphen. Black turns white, red turns cyan, green turns magenta, and so on. Then flip it horizontally using the Flip Horizontal arrow on the palette. Try a checkerboard of four! Works for TIFF (not 1-bit), JPEG, GIF, plus a few more—but not EPS. Using these image editing commands only affects the way the images are displayed and printed from Quark. Picture files on your drive are unaffected. It's better to use Quark's image tools for comping and do the final in Photoshop.

Figure 6.14Figure 6.14

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