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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Faux Duotones #2

For an even more surreal effect, let's do another tip for grayscale images, using black and a spot color or two different spot colors. With your grayscale TIFF image in a selected picture box, go to the Colors palette (F12). Click the top-middle button to apply a color to the image, and, with the button on the right, apply a second color to the box background. Wow! If you're using black and one color, try making the box background color black and the image the second color. Either of the two colors can be tinted. Word of warning from my service bureau—if pictures like these are going into a multi-page layout that will later be imposed at the printers (making printer spreads, not reader spreads), the background color drops out! It's not Quark's fault—the imposition software is to blame.

Figure 6.17Figure 6.17

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