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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Quark, Servant of Mine, Alert Me to Picture Changes

Here's one way you can slough off a bit. By setting a little preference, you can put Quark to work checking for pictures that have been changed or are missing. Go to Preferences by pressing Cmd-Option-Shift-Y or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Y. Click the General (Print Layout) preference. Then check Verify under Auto Picture Import. From now on, when you open that Quark file and the linked picture files have changed (but retain the same filenames), Quark alerts you and asks you if you want to update them in one fell swoop. Click OK. Or, if you want to examine each instance, click Cancel and go to Utilities> Picture Usage after the file opens. Of course, if you want this feature to be in effect for all new files you create, close all open Quark files before you go to Preferences.

Figure 6.25Figure 6.25

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