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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Fit to Box and Box It Up

Quick-fitting an image to its box proportionally is a neat way to get an oversized image to a manageable size in one leap—great for those 8 x 10" mug shots that need to be only 1 x 2". You've always been able to do Cmd-Option-Shift-F or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F ("F" for "Fit to Box"). In Quark 5, it became a command in the Style and Context menus—Fit Picture To Box (Proportionally). Here's the idea. Make a picture box on your page roughly the size and shape you want when done, perhaps sized to the width of a column or two. Get Picture, press the Fit to Box keys, and now it's the right size. But the box doesn't fit on all sides. Because it's a proportional fit, it fits one dimension only. So here's the second tip—do Fit Box to Picture, very fast from the Context menu (press Control/Mac or right-click/Win). Now it's just right!

Figure 6.4Figure 6.4

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