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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Cropping—Up Close and Personal

Don't go changing copy that the editor or client gave you. But "hands off" doesn't apply to pictures. Artistic license is a must! Leaving space around the subject psychologically distances the viewer from the subject. Lay photography, rampant in not-for-profit and government work, is the worst—grass, ceiling fans, the car next door, you name it. Instead, crop in on images so they seem to explode at the edges, heightening the drama. If a subject is in three-quarter view, crop the back tightly and leave more space in the direction the subject's facing. Crop off the top inch or two of someone's head—it's not a lobotomy. Just drag the picture box handle in on the image—no keys. Then, with the Content tool, drag inside the box to position the image dynamically. Polish it with the arrow keys to nudge it a bit more, with the Content tool in hand.

Figure 6.5Figure 6.5

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