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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Get the Picture Centered

Centering an image or graphic in a box seems simple, but it's quite difficult to do—that is, without the Center Picture command (Style menu) and the shortcut Cmd-Shift-M or Ctrl-Shift-M. Very useful if you want to have a flat or blended color surrounding your image. I prefer a bar of color at the top, or top and bottom, but not on the sides. For a bar at the top and bottom, do the Fit Box To Picture command (Style menu). Then use the Measurements palette to extend the box down two times the height of one bar. After the H value, type, "+p9*2" (or +.125"*2). Then press Return or Enter. Finish with Center Picture and color the box background. For a bar above, drop the *2 and just add the height of the color bar to H. Then change the Y+ field to that same number, "p9" (or .125").

Figure 6.6Figure 6.6

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