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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Eyeball It

When it comes to sizing images and graphics on the page, numbers are great for the second, third, and fourth ones in a set. But for the first one, you want to see it the right size, not guess at a number. When you type a percent, and that's actually one percent typed two times (X% and Y% in the Measurements palette), you're guessing—one number after another until "it's good enough." Instead, drag the picture by any handle, pressing all three keys—"lean on the keyboard"—Cmd-Option-Shift or Ctrl-Alt-Shift. Special perk—the box and image are both sized together. The handle opposite the one you drag stays fixed. To size a picture to the width of a column, when the picture is snapped to the left column guide, drag from a handle on the right side. Keep a picture centered in your layout—drag from the top or bottom center handle.

Figure 6.7Figure 6.7

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