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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Need the Picture Bigger, but Not the Box?

This is one I use all the time. I often draw a picture box the size I want for the layout. Bring in a picture, do a Fit to Box. But now the picture needs to be bigger to successfully fill that box, allowing for some cropping. You can size just the image and not the box, in 5% increments by pressing:

  • Mac: Cmd-Option-Shift-> or -<

  • Win: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-> or -<

Sound familiar? It's exactly what you do to size type in 1pt increments! Word of warning—your best quality image comes with no sizing, 100%. With a 300ppi image, however, you can safely size up to about 120% and still have acceptable quality. Based on a 150-line screen (lpi) or less, a 225ppi image is all you need for most brochure and magazine work.

Figure 6.8Figure 6.8

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