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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Photoshop a 3D tool, you say? No, this is not a sneak preview of version 10.0. Instead it's an often-overlooked filter that's been available in Photoshop since version 1.0, found under Filters, Distort, Wave. Sometimes intricate design work needs to be generated for 3D modeling details, and this trick can speed up that process. First, start by drawing basic linework in Photoshop using marquees or lines. Then use the Wave filter with a very small number of Generators, perhaps one to two. Choose Square as the Wave shape, and select Repeat Edge Pixels. You should have a nice garbled and unusable image at this point. To make it shine, turn the Wavelength and Amplitude down very low and tweak as desired. When an aesthetically interesting pattern is formed, this can be autotraced as described in the following Killer Tip and implemented in your model as what the FX industry affectionately calls "Greeblies," or sundry tech details.

Figure 3.16Figure 3.16

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