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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Frequently, we are asked to do things we would rather not do, such as trace the entire shoreline of every continent on Earth. If you are paid by the hour, this might seem like a good deal, but another approach is to automate such menial tasks, which, if I remember correctly, is why computers were invented. Unfortunately, we do have to trace intricate artwork primitively on occasion with NURBS curves, so a rather nice alternative exists using a package designed primarily for graphic artists—Adobe Streamline. After scanned raster artwork is vectorized in this package, most graphics users will fail to see why DXF is provided as an output file type. 3D geeks will certainly see this as a GOOD thing in Martha's words, so at the push of a button, the work of a million monkeys is performed, and all the coastlines are yours in very fine detail (CV count) if desired. Remember that Maya DXF import in version 5.0 requires you to load the Dwg Translator plug-in from Window, Settings/Preferences, Plug-in Manager.

Figure 3.17Figure 3.17

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