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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Here's a real magic trick for you Photoshop enthusiasts. Make a path in Photoshop, and then export it in Illustrator format. Now move over to Maya and recall that there was an Illustrator import option. Open the .ai file, and low and behold, it becomes a beautiful NURBS curve, with CVs placed wherever you put a path point in Photoshop. Now here's where it gets really good. Text in Photoshop has a Convert to Work Path command under the Layers menu, so any of the multitudes of fonts you have loaded in Photoshop become yours in Maya. Lastly, the autotracing that the previous Killer Tip pointed out with Adobe Streamline can effectively be done in Photoshop by using the Magic Wand or Color Range tool, converting into a Work Path, and sending the curves over to Maya for more fun and games.

Figure 3.18Figure 3.18

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