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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


Grouping elements is typically useful for animation of those elements or for character work. For simple selection and hiding purposes, layers offer a nice GUI. But what if you need to preserve your carefully assembled selection of various objects, lights, and lattices without disturbing their existing grouping? Enter sets, a wonderful way of saving selections without the data overhead of groups or layers. Definition-wise, sets are useful for purposes beyond simple selection, partitions are for exclusive membership, and Quick Select Sets are the preferred type for general selecting. Make your selection and go to Create, Sets, Set/Partition/Quick Select Set. Enter a name, and then deselect the object. Do other work, and then go to Edit, Quick Select Sets, your set name to reselect that group without the tedium of carefully selecting a grouping again. Problem is, only you will know how clever you are.

Figure 3.21Figure 3.21

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