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Easier, Faster Organizing

As your photo library grows, finding specific shots can get harder. iPhoto ’08 has a streamlined Search field that gives you more flexibility in finding your photos. But you can help by taking the time to assign titles, comments, and keywords to your shots.

This is one of those housekeeping chores that few of us perform. But it’s worth doing, and iPhoto ’08 makes it easier than ever.

In previous iPhoto versions, you had to use the Information panel—that little area at the lower-left corner of the iPhoto window—to change a photo’s name. No longer. Finally—and I mean <em>finally</em>—iPhoto lets you rename photos using the same technique you use to rename documents and folders when you’re using the Mac OS X Finder.

First, choose View > Titles to display photo titles beneath each photo thumbnail. Then, simply double-click a title to change its text.

Want to title several shots without having to reach for the mouse? After typing a title, press the Command key along with the left bracket ([) or right bracket (]) key. iPhoto selects the thumbnail to the left (or right), and highlights its title—ready for you type a new one.

You can also rename an event by double-clicking its name. And if you’re a creature of habit and prefer using the Information panel, go right ahead—it still lives in the lower-left corner of the iPhoto window (to display it, click the "i" button).

As for keywords, they’re the least-used of iPhoto’s organizational aids. Hopefully, iPhoto ’08 will change that—its keywording features are much more accessible than in earlier versions.

Many of your photos probably fall into specific categories —for example, vacations, pets, or specific friends or family members. To easily find photos in a specific category, assign keywords to your photos.

First, create keywords that describe the kinds of photos you take. From the Window menu, choose Show Keywords. You’ll see that iPhoto already has some keywords built in. To change them and add new ones, click Edit Keywords.

You have a few options for assigning keywords to photos. One way is to select a photo, and then click the keyword in the Keyword window.

Ah, but there are faster keys to keywords.

If there are keywords you use all the time, add them to the Quick Pick list at the top of the Keyword window. Then you can assign them by tapping a single key on your keyboard. Now <em>that’s</em> efficient.

And here’s a technique that lets you define a new keyword <em>and</em> assign it—all in one fell swoop. Choose View > Keywords, and then click below a photo’s thumbnail. A little text box appears. Type the keyword’s text and press the Return key. (Of course, you can also assign an <em>existing</em> keyword using this technique: just type it and press Return.)

Now that Apple has made it so easy to work with keywords, what do you say we all resolve to use them more often? And yes, I’m talking to myself here, too.

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