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Hiding and Flagging

iPhoto ’08 introduces the ability to hide photos that you don’t want to see. This is a great way to manage those legions of photos that aren’t quite perfect enough to want to view all the time, but aren’t quite crummy enough to simply delete. You can hide those mediocre shots to unclutter your library, but bring them back whenever you like.

To hide a photo, select it and click the Hide button—or better yet, use the Command-L keyboard shortcut.

When you’re viewing an event, iPhoto lets you know if any of its photos are hidden.

To see those hidden photos, click the message. To "unhide" a photo, select it and click Unhide or press Command-L again.

As for <em>flagging</em>, think of it as the digital equivalent of attaching a sticky note to a photo. Maybe you’re going through the photos in an event—or several events—trying to decide which ones you want to edit, print, or share in some other way. You can flag those special shots, and then come back to them in a flash.

To flag a photo, select it and click the Flag button or press the Command-period keyboard shortcut. A little flag badge appears on the photo’s thumbnail.

You can flag multiple photos at once—select them first—and you can flag as many shots as you like. To quickly see the shots you’ve flagged, click the Flagged item in the Source list.


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