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Creating Text Columns

Within a text box, PowerPoint allows you to create columns of text. You can create two, three, or even more columns in a text box, though for slides, more than two columns will rarely look good.

To arrange your text in columns:

  1. Click on a text box to select it.
  2. Choose Home > Paragraph > Columns, then choose the number of columns you want from the pop-up menu (Figure 4.30).

    Figure 4.30

    Figure 4.30 This pop-up menu allows you to arrange your text in columns within a text box.

    The text changes (Figure 4.31).

    Figure 4.31

    Figure 4.31 This text has been set into columns.

  3. (Optional) to add more than three columns, choose More Columns from the pop-up menu. The Columns dialog appears (Figure 4.32). Set the number of columns and the spacing between them, then click OK.
    Figure 4.32

    Figure 4.32 If you need more control over the number or spacing of columns, use the Columns dialog.

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