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Finding and Replacing Text

PowerPoint allows you to find and replace text on your slides, which is handy when Marketing tells you that they've decided to rename the SuperWidget to UltraWidget half an hour before your presentation.

To find text:

  1. Choose Home > Editing > Find, or press ctrl_f.jpg

    The Find dialog appears (Figure 4.43).

    Figure 4.43

    Figure 4.43 The Find dialog is also useful for replacing text; it turns into the Replace dialog if you click the Replace button.

  2. In the Find what field, enter the text you wish to find.
  3. Click Find Next, or press Enter.

    PowerPoint finds the text.

To find and replace text:

  1. Choose Home> Editing > Replace, or press ctrl_h.jpg

    The Replace dialog appears (Figure 4.44).

    Figure 4.44

    Figure 4.44 You'll use the Replace window to find and change text in your presentation.

  2. In the Find what field, enter the text you wish to find.
  3. In the Replace with field, enter the text you want to replace the found text.
  4. (Optional) Choose either (or both) Match case and Find whole words only.
  5. Click Replace to replace the first instance of the found text, or Replace All to replace the text throughout your presentation.
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