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Entering Special Characters

It's common to need to add special characters to your slides, such as the copyright, trademark or currency symbols. These characters aren't on your keyboard, so PowerPoint gives you another way to add them.

To enter special characters:

  1. Click in a text box to set the insertion point.
  2. Choose Insert > Text > Symbol (Figure 4.9).
    Figure 4.9

    Figure 4.9 Clicking the Symbol button opens the Symbol dialog box, which you use to insert special characters.

    The Symbol dialog appears (Figure 4.10).
    Figure 4.10

    Figure 4.10 Click the symbol you want, then click Insert.

  3. Recently used symbols are listed at the bottom of the dialog; click the one you want to select it.


    Scroll through the list of symbols at the top of the dialog to find the one you want, then click to select it.

  4. Click Insert.

    Nothing appears to happen, but PowerPoint has inserted the character at the insertion point.

  5. Click the window's Close box.

    The character you inserted appears on the slide (Figure 4.11).

    Figure 4.11

    Figure 4.11 The copyright symbol was inserted using the Symbol dialog.

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