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Unique Issues for Landing Pages

Landing pages have some unique issues requiring special attention to the overall focus, balance, and design of the page.

They must integrate the entire sales cycle

Landing pages are unique animals in the conversion zoo because they are tasked with independently performing the entire sales cycle. Even if visitors arrive already interested in an offer, the landing page must still attract and hold their attention to prevent them from leaving. If they stay, the page must create or reinforce interest, then instill desire, and finally guide the visitor to take action. That’s a lot to ask of a single page!

They must perform quickly

One key difference between a landing page and its human counterparts (ambassador, concierge and salesperson) is time. Visitors are often hurrying and multi-tasking. This behavior allows the landing page a mere handful of seconds, not leisurely minutes or hours over coffee, to perform its numerous duties.

They have more first-time visitors

The percentage of first-time visitors to a landing pages is often higher compared to other areas of a site. Why? Because people may type in a URL to a home page or bookmark a product page to come back to later, but they almost always stumble across a landing page after clicking on an ad, often after performing a search. This type of visitor is probably less familiar with the company and has no particular reason to trust it at first.

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